Washington State

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For the past few days all it had been doing is raining,pouring at that. Occasionally it lighten up enough for me to stop at a random gas stations to fill up or get a few stacks before taking off back on the road.Don't get me wrong,I used to love the rain when I could curl up and just relax while reading a book ,but after driving non stop and constantly worrying for over a day in it ,it was unnerving. I keep looking for a small town exit after exit to stop and rest for a few hours but I sure as hell wasn't going to stop now.I wasn't far enough away.

I had lived the past four years of my life in Fallon Nevada with my 'boyfriend',Luke Derri in a rather large home.Drugs and girls were trafficked constantly and I was watched like a hawk.Luke ran the place with an iron fist and no one dared to cross him for fear of the consequences.I tried constantly to stay away from his line of sight and stay hidden but I managed to stay on his bad side. I was punished for anything.One day it could be not cleaning the house before he got home and the next I was supposedly sleeping with other gang members. Luke was ruthless and I knew then only way I would survive would be by leaving.The only way I could live a little longer was to hide.

I packed about two or three bags (only what I could get out quickly without being noticed) and took off in my car.I managed to leave just before the sun rose so that everyone would still be asleep or on rounds when I escaped .Hours passed without much thought, I had no idea where I was going.I was driving with no plan, a little amount of money and an almost empty gas tank.Reluctantly I pulled into an open gas station with very little cars and managed to sneak a map under my jacket when the man wasn't looking as I payed for gas. Washington seemed to be rather large on the map, a large portion being wooded areas and a ton of travel stops. "Small towns huh",He smirked snapping me from my thoughts.

"Do you know of any small towns north of here.I'm trying to find a place to stay for a few nights and I have no idea where I am",I asked trying to not seem suspicious.He glanced down at me from behind the glass looking me up and down before answering.

"Yeah there's one a few miles up north from here.It's called Willow Falls".

"Thank you sir".

I left the station after grabbing a few more things to eat and headed towards Willow Falls.I looked over the map a few more times to see it was only 40 more miles to the north of here.I started the car and headed north,hoping to reach the town before night fall.The rain wasn't letting up much and I needed a nice dry place to get warm and gather my thoughts.

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