Looking up

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I waited for an hour after I sent the message but never heard anything back from Rogue.With a sigh I plopped onto the bed and closed my eye's feeling defeated for the day.

knock knock

With a jerk I jogged over to the door and yanked it open expecting to see the man I had been avoiding for the past few weeks.

"Don't seem so disappointed next time", joked Joker as he smirked down at me. His eye's scanned the room eventually landing on Taylor's huddled up form on the bed.Joker freely made his way into the room, his eye's resting on my best friend for a little longer before turning to me with raised brows.

"I thought Rogue might have come instead of you",I spoke truthfully only earning a nod from Joker.

"Well he's a little preoccupied with Luke trying to escape so he sent me instead",He confessed.

"When did he try to escape",asked Taylor curiously.

"A few weeks ago right after Saint left the club house", He started shooting me a gaze and continuing,"He somehow managed to get the ropes undone and when he took down a few guys he tried to stab Penny".

"He tried to stab Penny",I said astonished while silently shuddering to myself.

Joker only nodded without answering me. All three of us stood starring at one another as no one said a word.

"So are you going to take us back to the club house or are we going to stand here all day",I joked earning a laugh from Taylor as she saw Joker's reaction to my question.

"Let's go shorty.Your friend can stay with me while you talk to your man",He laughed as he hurried out of the room narrowly missing the pen I threw at his face.

Silently we both followed him downstairs to a truck parked in front of the main doors. Its sleek white color wasn't something I was used to seeing the guys drive but it seemed to suite Joker the most.

It took less then ten minutes for Joker to reach the club house with his scary as hell driving skills. Six to Seven bikers sat on their bikes in front of the club all intensely listening to a guy with his back facing us.As the car turned off a few of them looked our way before turning back to the guy talking.My heart started beating a little faster when I saw the tattoos running up the mans arms letting me know exactly who was talking to them.

Letting out a shaky breath I opened the door and stepped out.As it slammed I saw Rogues shoulders tense up but he ever turned around. All the guys now were starring and some even smiled as I got closer to their leader who had stopped doing anything all together.When I got close enough to touch him I wrapped my arms around his back hugging him.For a few moments he didn't turn around and stood tense so I started to let go.A feeling a hurt started to settle in my chest as tears started to pool in my eye's.

"If you ever think about leaving me again I will strap you to my bed and I'll make sure you can't leave",Rouge threatened with a growl as he embraced me finally.Tears started pouring helplessly down my face.

"I missed you",I whispered softly earning a chuckle from Rogue.

"I know you did but I also know the time alone probably did you some good. We can make up later but right now we have to question your little friend about the wire she was wearing",Rouge said letting go of me.

"Why don't we take this inside the club so we have a little more privacy",spoke one of the guys on a bike earning a few nods of agreement in return.

"Come on Taylor, its time we tell them everything",I said grabbing her hand leading her into the front door as the rest followed behind us. Time to tell everyone the whole truth.

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