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Okay guys I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting ready to publish a new book called "The Diavolo Society" and I was wondering who all would be interested in reading it so please let me know! If really appreciate some feedback. I hope you enjoy this chapter cause it's something special.


3rd Person POV

Rogue woke up the next morning rubbing his eyes and clenching his nose. The aroma of puke still hung in the air from the night before and he had no clue where it was coming from. With a heavy sigh he raised up off the bed and scanned the room while rubbing his eyes, exhaustion more evident by the minute.

Saint groaned in her sleep catching Rogues attention. She looked peaceful to him, lost in her own dreams but she was uncomfortable. With a sigh he picked her up from the couch and sat her carefully on the bed trying his best not to wake her up. Her eyes fluttered open for a second causing Rogue to freeze.Saint would kill him for touching her and thankfully her eye lids closed back and Rogue breathed a sigh of relief.

He watched her for a minute, noting how happy she looked in her sleep before heading towards the door. Halfway out the door a loud ring echoed through the room. Rogue sprinted towards the sound hoping to shut off the phone before it woke Saint up.

"Hello"Rogue growled into the phone. No one said anything for a few seconds and then a faint voice answered.

"Is Saint there",A girl asked confusing him. Who would be calling his phone for Saint. Pulling the phone away from his ear he looked at the caller ID. Rogue paused as his eyes scanned over the phone realizing it wasn't his .

"Who is this", Rogue mumbled into the phone tetibf to be quiet as he exited the bedroom.

"Uhm where is Saint",Asked the girl again.

"And I asked you a question. So answer mine and I might think about telling you where she is". Rogue waited patiently as the girl breathed heavily into the speaker.

"My name is Taylor. Now ple-". The girl, Taylor,was cut off my telling on her side of the phone.

"Who the fuck is this",Growled a make voice on the other side of the line,"Are you talking to that good for nothing whore. Huh! Answer me Taylor or so help me I'll give you to Paul tonight".

Rogue listened intently to their conversation, scrunching his face every now and then at some of his choice words.Anger slowly started to build up inside of him.

"Oh Saint",taunted the make voice into the phone.

"Think again bitch", Rogue hissed back catching the guy off guard."Think again before you say some shit like that about Saint agin"!

His only answer was laughter. Harsh and malicious laughter that started a fire inside of Rogue.

"Does that little bitch have someone wrapped around her finger. She's nothing but a little slut and I'll be happy to take her off your hands.Hopefully fucking her was worth it because when I get to you you'll regret even touching her",he said smirking into the phone.

"Big words for a dude who can't back it up", Rogue said hoping to get a rise out of him.

"I'm coming for that bitch. In a few days time no one will stop me from getting to her''. With a final hiss Luke hung the phone up leaving Rogue pissed.

He stormed downstairs stomping his way down the hallway ignoring his moms plea's. Penny followed him outside screetching at him to stop. Without listening he hopped on his bike and road off towards the club.

For hours his phone kept ringing but Rogue simply ignored it. Knowing it was probably Saint or his mom telling him he would be a dead man. So the avoid the drama he had a simple plan. Rogue just simply wouldn't to home and the problem would just solve itself. Rogue sat deep in his thoughts not noticing the knock on his door.

"Hey Rogue are you in here".Called one of his brothers. Without waiting for an answer he walked in,seeing Rogue slumped over in his chair.

"Boss where have you been. Everyone's trying to get a hold of you",Rush spoke looking at his boss and friend skeptically.

"Did something happen with a shipment? Did someone get shot", Rogue yelled out jumping from his seat.

"No man it's Saint. She's in the hospital".

Rogue took off not letting Rush say another word
I know this is a shitty chapter and I probably shouldn't have switched POV's but I felt like the story needed a little change. I hope you guys like it and please vote,comment,and share because I love seeing you guys love my story.

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