The Club Interview

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Thunderstorms woke me up the following morning.Dark clouds lulled over each other and rain continued to pour down like the days before.

When I finally had enough energy to get up out of bed and dressed myself for the day.The motel phone rang causing my nails to scrape my leg as I finished pulling my pants up.I starred at it for a few moments before reluctantly answering it.


"This is Dan from the front desk and I was just calling to let you know that breakfast is being served.So if you want something come down soon",Dan called in a bored tone.

"Alright thanks for letting me know". I set the phone back on the receiver surprised that he even bothered to call and let me know.

I rushed down the soaked sidewalk and into the little lobby where the clerk sat reading yet again.He didn't bother to look up,probably knowing it was just me,so I walked over to the buffet table grabbing a plate.Pancakes,sausage,apples,and juices of all kind sat in front of me causing my stomach to rumble.I was quite surprised that a small and older motel that seemed to get very few guests had a large breakfast.

I ate some sausage and pancakes quietly in a corner.Taking my last bite I drowned the rest of my orange juice and walked over to Dan.His shoulders slouched as I approached ,probably not wanting to be bothered by me today or anyone for that matter.

"Do you know of any places hiring right now",I asked politely.

"The bar next door is the only place available.But I thought you were only staying for two weeks",He questioned.

"Are you sure thats the only place hiring",I asked again,ignoring the second question.

"Look girly,you just got here last night so if you think you can tell me what I know then you can take your scrawny ass back out of this town",He spat back in my face turning back to the magazine.

I flinched,not expecting him to be so rude.Slightly bummed I turned around and walked back out into the rain glaring at the bar.I looked back and forth between the bar and the road leading to town debating on what I should do.With a sigh I rushed to the safety of my car escaping the down pour.Turning it on I pulled out of the motel parking lot and turned left to pull into the lot of the bar.There was no motorcycles in sight,just one lone car parked right in front of the door.

When I pushed the heavy wooden door open my nose was met with something sweet like candy mixed with sweat.Scrunching my nose I braved the smell and walked towards the bar where a man stood.His back was to me as he cleaned the counter but he already seemed to know I was there.

"We're closed.Come back later this afternoon",He called over his shoulder refusing to turn around.

"Actually",I began,"I'm looking to see if you have a job opening".

At the sound of my voice he turned suddenly with wide eye's.He scanned my body a few times,his eye's lingered a few seconds too long on a certain few body parts but I wasn't worried.

"We have a job opening yeah",He answered while walking closer to me,"But not for you".

"Well why not",I whispered looking down.

"Cause you seem pretty wimpy and most of my guys would eat you alive.But mainly because you don't have experience".

"I do too have experience",I argued back,"I worked in several bars in my hometown and they to had some pretty bad people.Can you just try and give me a chance,one night is all I'm asking.If you don't think I'll fit in then you can kick me out and you won't see me again".

He looked at me for a few minutes assessing me."Alright,one night and if you mess up you're out.But fair warning,these guys might get a little personal .Those guys are random town folk who aren't in the club.Most of the club members will look out for you so don't worry."I ignored the word club and gave him a bright smile.

"Thank you so much,but uhm what's your name"?


"Well I'm Saint and I'll be here around 6:30 if that's okay with you".

"That's fine hun,just don't be late",He replied as I turned and walked out of the door.

I sat in my car for a few minutes debating with myself if I made the right choice taking that job.But in all reality I had no choice and it was the only way to learn a little more about the people of this town.I had to fit in and gain the trust of locals in case he comes looking for me.I drove back to the motel room to take a shower and pick out my outfit for tonight.

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