Things Will Change

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So I got a new phone yesterday guys and I figured I would celebrate with a new chapter!! You guys make me so happy when you comment and tell me how well I'm doing even if I don't feel good about chapters myself. I really want get to know you guys on a personal level so please feel free to message me anytime😊

3rd Person POV


Saint stirred in her hospital bed as everyone around her talked in hushed tones waiting for her to wake up. A doctor had came in a hour ago explaining why she passed out and that it wouldn't be long before she woke up. The news didn't sit well with Rogue. He wanted her to wake up now and everything be okay but seeing her lay helpless in the bed made him nervous.

With a sigh Rogue turned away from Saint and tuned in to his mom and Becca's conversation about the baby.Maybe the distraction would calm his nerves.

"Guys"croaked Saint gaining everyone's attention. Rogue was the first one at her side taking her hand in his and kissing it.

"Oh sweety I'm so glad you're okay",Penny cried out shoving her son to the side to give Saint a hug.

Tears streamed down Saints face as everyone in the room shouted their agreements to Penny's statement.Worry was etched into each and every face in front of her making th eguilty feelign inside worsen.

"I'm so sorry for what I said",Saint pleaded to them,"I just can't stay and have him hurt you".

"He won't get anywhere near you princess",sneered Rogue finally making himself known again.

"He had a change of heart",Penny snorted.

Everyone was quiet after that,letting Saint absorb the information. So much was swirling through her mind and all the consequences of staying in town were to much. Giving her head a little shake Saint turned towards Rogue and said "Thank you".

"Why are you thanking me. I was the one who put you here,"questioned Rogue.

"You stood up to Luke for me. If you hadn't talked to him I wouldn't be in this town right now and I honestly like being with you guys".

Rogue opened his mouth to say something else but a knock interrupted him. A doctor made his way inside the room smiling at Saint.

"I see that you're finally awake Ms. Lawson. Now I will let you go here in a few minutes but I don't want you home alone. The medication I'm prescribing has some bad side effects and you'll be pretty groggy",Stated the doctor giving her a stern look.

"She won't be alone Doctor. I'll take good care of my girl",Rogue stated roughly to the doctor. Saint layer there with her mouth open wide. She was stunned at the way he was acting. Rogue had been nothing but rude to her since she arrived to town and now he wanted to act as if he was her boyfriend!Yes he had kissed her passionately no to long ago but she wasn't ready for that commitment with a man she barely knew.

"Thank you sir. We'll make sure she's well taken care of",Penny answered for her as she took in the astonished look on Saints face. The doctor nodded in their direction before nodding at Rogue and leaving the room.

"What was that",Saint squealed at Rogue. Everyone took that as their cue to leave and headed out the door closing it behind them.

"I'm taking care of what's mine",replied Rogue inching closer to the bedside. The closer he got Saint found it harder to breathe. Her hands shook at her sides and the smirk planted on Rogues face made her heart go nuts.

"You are mine princess",he whispered on her lips,"And it's about time you realize that.Ever since I saw you in the bar that night I knew I had to have you".

Saint starred at him wide eyed. Without warning he slammed his lips to hers. It took a few seconds for her to realize he was actually kissing her, again! Without thinking twice Saint kissed him back. Rogue moaned in her mouth loving the taste of her lips.

"We have to stop",gasped Saint. Her chest was heaving up and down rapidly making her monitors go off.

"We'll continue this when I get you home",Rogue warned looking smug. As soon as he turned around to grab her stuff Saint placed a hand over her heart, feeling how fast it was beating. If a simple kiss could make her feel like this what would happen when they took things further.

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