Old friends

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After Zack disappeared up front I had managed to finish the rest of the laundry before starting a few more loads.The housekeepers had finally left after they delivered their last loads and I was left alone to my thoughts.

"Saint",Zack coughed out startling me,"There's someone here to see you".

The look on his face was pale but stoic none the less which seemed  little odd for him.We continued to stare at each other before he turned and walked back out forcing me to follow him.I was nervous to say the least.Was is Rogue or one of the other bikers trying to get me to come back?Luke was locked up in the clubhouse basement so it couldn't be him.

"Saint",Called a feminine voice pulling me from my thoughts.Taylor stood in front of the counter bruises covering her face but a smile graced her lips as she looked at me.Something was wrong for her to be here and I had this feeling that something wasn't right?

"What are you doing here"?

"What I can't come see my best frie".

"Cut the bullshit ad tell me the truth",I interrupted.

"Well the guys realized Luke went missing and left the house in a hurry",Taylor confessed,"I left a few hours after they had and found you".

"How did you find me though",I said confused.She seemed a little too jittery and suspicious to have come this whole way by herself.Taylor swayed side to side hopping from one foot to the other as she rubbed her hands together.That was was only something she did when she was nervous or scared.

"Let's go up to my room and we'll talk okay",I assured her and walked out from behind the desk.She stayed a little behind me as I lead her to my room as she kept silent the whole time.I walked into the room first expecting her to follow but she stopped at the door just shaking her head as tears pooled in her eyes.With a sigh I pulled up her shirt and tore the wires from underneath crushing them with my foot and shoving her into the room.

As soon as the door slammed shut she broke down and bawled into my arms."You're safe now okay",I whispered stroking her back.Seeing her like this made me regret leaving her all alone at Luke's house.

"I didn't want to come but they made me",Taylor sniffed out as she let go to look at me.

"I know you didn't but I'm glad you're here now cause i'm not letting you go back".


"Don't argue with me on this Taylor",I interrupted."I may not be on the best terms with the people who are protecting me here because of what they did to Luke but they'll take you in too".

"What do you mean what they did to Luke",Taylor asked curiously.

"I was taken in by some good people here and one of them happened to catch Luke as he was looking for me. They beat him up pretty bad and almost killed him".

"So? Whats so bad about that! After all he did to you and you got mad that they beat him like he beat you",She exclaimed furiously.

"I wasn't upset about them hurting him but it was the fact that they all lied to me about him being here as I continued to worry"!

"Did you ever think they wanted to protect you from realizing that he was here?Knowing you it would've worried you more to know he was under the same roof as you",Taylor stated truthfully.

Were they trying to stop me from worrying more?If I had known Luke was here sooner would that have really made a difference at all?

"You always overthink everything and then react badly when you only know half of the story.If you would take the time to stop worrying about your feeling and see what they all were doing for you because they care then you'd see the bigger picture here",Taylor said shocking me a little bit.

"Maybe",I whispered to myself before grabbing my phone and opening a new message.I wrote it quickly and looked at Taylor who only nodded as I sent it.


I think it's time we finally talk

Time to make amends.

And here's the second update in a matter of hours!! It feels good to finally be writing again and I appreciate y'all for all the read.I'm almost to 100k and i never would've guessed anything I wrote would get me that many reads but it's all thanks to you guys. Please comment and like to show me some more love!!

P.s if I wrote another story after this one would any of you be interested in reading it? I'm just curious to know if you guy would read something else of mine? Feel free to leave our thought!

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