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bangtan host club || j.jk x chubby reader [embrace yourself series] by hoblivious
bangtan host club || j.jk x black swan
Out of boredom and loneliness, you decide to visit the Bangtan Host Club where you meet Jungkook. #1 chubbyreader 01/05/2020 #1 jungkookxreader 08/13/2020 Embrace yourse...
My chubby girl by Shy_RMG
My chubby girlby ·ASH·
"Do you actually think I like you?" He asked coldly. He looked down at you, you were trapped against a wall with his hands on either side of your head. You w...
I Want You (COMPLETED) by Thisaridilaksha
I Want You (COMPLETED)by Thisari Dilaksha
ජීවිතේ එන සමහර ප්‍රශ්න වලදී ඒවට පිලිතුරු හොයන්න බැරුව අකාලයේ තමන්ගේ ජීවිතය නැතිකරන්නවා.ඒත් හැම ප්‍රශ්නෙකටම පිලිතුරක් තියෙනවා.
♡NOT A BRAT♡TK ✔ by _friends_10
♡NOT A BRAT♡TK ✔by chu chu
Where jungkook is everything but a brat and Taehyung is a teen trainor who is hired to handle the teens who are brat... • • • •and jungkook falls in love with Taehyung...
The Betas Alpha by hkayh123
The Betas Alphaby hkayh123
Jay is going to be the next alpha of the Blue Woods pack. With his birthday coming up in a week he is excited to find out who his mate will be. Let's just say, it wasn't...
My 7 Hybrids & Me / BTS hybrid AU by Candysugarush
My 7 Hybrids & Me / BTS hybrid AUby Candy
" Uhh ? " °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°∞°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° There's hundred of thousands of universes . This story is in one where humans and hybrids exist , Y/n is a young girl...
Saints' Promise (MC) by AussieeBums
Saints' Promise (MC)by S.C
Small towns seem to be a beacon for those in need and Saint Lawson is no exception when it comes to Willow Falls. //Completed-Edited// //Book 1 in the Promise Series//
Adopted By BTS by KimChaeYoungBTS
Adopted By BTSby ♡ Chae ♡
Mina is a young 15 year old girl, who has always wanted a family. Her past wasn't terrible, but wasn't the best either. She was still waiting for someone to come and ad...
behind the curtains - Yoonkook by bangtaneditsjk
behind the curtains - Yoonkookby Jin's mop
Yoonkook 2015 hyyh era "You seem happy, why is that?" "Because I'm with you hyung."
TORN APART by princess29_
What happens when your own family keeps secrets from you?
Her Brother's Best Friend - Aching Hearts Series #2 by TheWritingWolf1
Her Brother's Best Friend - Artemis Watson
If asked, baby Emily Robinson would have gleefully said that, her life revolved around two cornerstones: volleyball, Riley. Volleyball was the passion that gave her li...
plump || j.hs x chubby reader [embrace yourself series] by hoblivious
plump || j.hs x chubby reader [ black swan
Hoseok loves your plumpness although you're criticized for it. Embrace yourself series : Book 1 - plump || j-hope 🔸️ Book 2 - olympe || v Book 3 - lavender || suga ...
Love Yourself, 𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌. by sebasstan
Love Yourself, 𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌.by 🤟🏼🎃
❝ We're going to try something... We're going to have to start loving ourselves. ❞ In which they both need to start loving themselves in order to start loving o...
Pied Pipers / Yandere!BTS x Reader Feat.TXT by Candysugarush
Pied Pipers / Yandere!BTS x Candy
" Princes..." °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°∞°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° There's hundreds of thousands of universes. This story takes place in a particular situation. Princess, is what...
Life In Pieces  by Faryal675
Life In Pieces by Faryal Gohar
Writing for me is catharsis of my pain and anger. Writing to heal myself and others. I write what I can not say. I write scars on my soul . I write to people who are no...
❣The match made || tk✔ by _friends_10
❣The match made || tk✔by chu chu
"You are mine and nothing can change that fact... Not even that you aren't my fiance!" • • •Where Kim Taehyung falls in love with his arranged fiance..... but...
Fat Girl - BTS FF by tonibu76
Fat Girl - BTS FFby tonibu76
29 year old Y/N, goes on a series of failed blind dates. Her father is determined to marry her off asap. She is beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, caring and.... overweight...
Catfish's Defence || NAMJIN  by chersive
Catfish's Defence || NAMJIN by youn
[COMPLETED] Jin pretends to be a girl on snapchat to get namjoon's attention
His~louis partridge  by monstercanslayer
His~louis partridge by Doja cat
louis partridge.
Behind The Smile ||Namjin + BTS Kids👶 by ghostair
Behind The Smile ||Namjin + BTS ghostair
"Dad, you've always been the coolest - like all those times you said 'yes' when Mom said 'no.' " It's not easy being a father. Well, it's true that fathers don...