This is probably really aweful.. Why?

Cause of this..

I was writting while watching this! I mean Yeah, sure we have a bit of a dirty mind over them or ,aybe some of the fandom gets a bit over board but why show our faults. We know them, we face them, we realize them but why did they had to do that! I mean for me its disrespectful. Its like a shameful slap in the face posted world wide!

Sorry about the rant. And for this aweful chapter. But I still hope you like this ♥


Zayn's POV

Two weeks of Spring break and one week to go. 

One more week and things are gonna happen. Things that I didnt really think of happening right now. Yes, I wanted one but not this early. One week and Perrie might be noticable. Noticable that she cant go to classes anymore and I had to stay and help her.

Even though I hated this for happening I still want to be better. I dont want to be my father. He left us. No notes. No nothing. Why?! Mum was great to him but he still left. I wont let myself turn like my dad. I wont leave Perrie and our baby.

Look at Perrie sleeping she's so peaceful. So innocent.She isnt ready for this yet I gave it to her. I felt something in my heart something that is willing to do something new. To change something. It felt kinda weird inside.

"Zayn?!!!!" my mum yelled across the room. Perrie shifted from her sleeping position but she's still not waking up. Her forehead creases and kept mumbling things.

"Per. per. perrie?" I shook her carefully waiting for her to wake up in her dream. 

"Jade please. Dont." she spoke whispering but it was the only noise that filled the room.

"ZAYN!" I heard my mum yelled again. I looked back to Perrie and took my last try to wake her up. I kept shaking her carefully. Then success, her eyes fluttered open trying to adjust from the small light that was peaking in the window.

"Wake up, Perrie. Its time to get up." I said barely whispering but sternly.

I walked outside of my room. Thinking. I absolutely dont want any of this happining. I didnt think of a girl sleeping next to me and carrying a child. My CHILD. OUR CHILD! I dont know what to do. I look normal in the outside but inside Im screaming not knowing where to start with this road I just got into.

"Mum, what is it?" I asked looking for her in the kitchen but she wasnt there. "Mum?"

"In here Zayn." she said rather happy. Then I saw it. The reason for her happy voice. Dad. Yaser. 

His eyes were red and puffy like they hadnt slept for years and kept on crying. Weak smile that was hiding something. Stables covering his jaw. He looked hopeless and very sory after years of no show. Im not gonna buy this. His smile its just not believable.

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