Niall's POV

I dont regret it. But Im in high school going to Uni. Now, Im going to have a child. Im not even finished with high school. and I just ruined her dreams. Jade's dream of being a singer who finishes her studies. I ruined a part of her dreams.

I dont regret having her child. Cause its apart of my dreams. It seems a bit self-fish thats why I hate myself. 2 months pregnant. We made love about 2 months ago when Perrie left. We celebrated her good grades and she told me she was ready about a week later she vomits a lot and had morning sickness. We consulted a doctor.

At first I refused to believe it but there was no turning back.

"Niall dont blame yourself." Jade said breaking my thoughts. "You're thinking out load, Nialler. Please dont blame yourself."

I hugged her kissing her temple. "Im so sorry, Jade."

"I told you, you shouldnt be sorry. This is our. One of my dreams is too have a family too, remember? Now we have one. We have a family now. See." she said pointing at her belly, i kissed the small bump and giving her a weak smile.

"I know. And thank you for full filling that. I love you so much." I said. "Its just that you have a big future ahead of you, I ruined that. Now you cant be a beautiful singer, you're gonna be a mother at a young age."

"And Im gonna have you along the way. Niall, I want you to be there in every way I make. Pregnant or not I want you to be there. I love you too, babe"

Then my phone rang. Damn ruined the happy mood.

I looked at the caller I.D. It was a blocked number and I know who it is. Leigh-Anne. I stood up and went outside cause I know how Jade hates her fucking rotting guts.

"What?!" I hissed.

"Not very friendly are we?" she said in a playful voice. "Anyways. Im going to have a small renioun. You know with Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis. I have a plan for you 5 idiots."

"Im not going." I said.

"Well, I think you know what Im capable of right? And killing your family wont be a problem to me, you do know that right?"

"That doesnt scare me Leigh-Anne"

"Really? So you dont care if I do abortion to your baby and kill Jade after? Is that what you're saying Nialler?" she threatened.

"What time." I said running my hands to my hair.

"Thats what I thought. 1 of the afternoon. Lazaro's." she hang up.

"Bitch" I mumbled walking back inside.

"Who was that?" JAde ask organizing the plates and opening the freshly bought box of pizza.

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