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Perrie's POV

4 weeks. Forgive, forgotten and healed. We're all back to school. Memories of two violent and bittersweet still haunts me. Whats even worst is you have a school where your half psycho sister is around.

Zayn's bruises and pain were gone so he went back to his home. My parents are b ack home too. Mom was all stranged up when she's with me, reckon Dad and Edward doesnt notice it. Still they dont question it.

Im at school right now, 5 more minutes til I see Jade again do our usual eat, talk and cry. She's still in kinda shock in what happend. Its almost amonth and she's taking very little baby steps in moving on the event. As her friend. Best friend Im here to comfort her but for some reason Niall makes her feel much better.

"Okay class, research about French Revolution is duein Monday. Guessing that would be a problem in catching up, right Ms.Edward?" My tearcher said to the class, emphasizing my name. I rensponded with a small smile and a nod as I packed my things and get ready to see Jade at the cafeteria.

As I walked out I felt a hand strongly held my arm. "Hey bitch. Missed me? Look no apology. But clue. You're out. Meaning get out of this school or else." I realized it was Leigh-Anne.

"No." Was all that I said as a left her with my hair flying to her face.

I walked to the cafeteria. As always the smell of food and stinky sweaty odors. I walked towards the usual table me and Jade sit in. 

"Hey Jade." I said as I reached our table. I hugged her. "Hey can I stay with you this weekends? I'll inform my dad and Edward. Then I could stay."

"Sure. Always ready for friend company" she saud as she hugged me back. "And maybe no noises this time" she chuckled.

"Dont worry about it. I forgave now Im gonna forget. About EVERYTHING!" I said rolling my eyes taking a sip at the apple juice.

Niall walked in the table with loads of food at his tray. I dont really eat school foods, I find it somehow diguisting. But now it looks more digusting more than ever. Makes me wanna vomit.

"Hey guys." Niall said.

"Perrie's gonna stay in my flat." Jade announced as we watched Niall quickly devoured a cupcake in 1 and a half bite.

"I think Im  gonna go tot my house first. Edward must be doing something and I dont want to ruin that." I said. I gulped a bitter liquid that was stuck in my throat.

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