Sorry for the long wait guys. I had a writer's block. I think this is still not good. But I hope you guys like it :)

Jade's POV

I woke up in unfamiliar room. Sunshine shone to my eyes. I checked the time and it was 7am, school doesnt start until 9am. I remembered that I was gonna go skip school and go shopping with Perrie, but I have to know if she's safe now. But after I eat Im so hungry.!!

I sat up and see Niall's body structure by the door. "Morning Princess, care to eat with me? Parents are gone and my brother is at work so no disturbance."

I walked towards him and I realized that I still have the same clothing that I had yesterday, gross. I hated that. But I kinda like Niall, lets try this out . "Hmmm. Well I dont know sir. you defended me yesterday and I paid back. Is there anything else I have to pay for?"

He puts his hands in my waist. "Well, you didnt fully paid. Plus I think you need new clothes."

"Read my mind. Do you have any girls clothes in there?"

"Well no. But I think my mom has the perfect thing for you. Lets go to her room. I'll just tell her you needed it." I hummed and put my arms in his neck. "She'll agree with that. I think she likes you."

We got to his mother's. Its all a bit old fashion. But I dont want walking, shopping, trying new clothes with a dirty body. So I chose a pink silk skirt and a blue collar tanktop. Now Im off to shower.

Niall showed me the way to the bathroom. He handed me a towel to dry myself later. I locked the door and stripped all of my clothes. I guess since Im in the bathroom I can sing. And maybe use their things. Like this strawberry shampoo. And maybe this watermelon scented soap. This smells all good and I guess delicious, if I could eat this. Hehe.. After what I guess is 10 minutes, I wrapped myself in the towel that Niall has given me and head off to the mirror cabinet. I opened it and see a blond hair coloring. Maybe his not really blonde. But whatever I dont really care.

I dried my hair and dressed up. I decided to go down stairs. On the way, I heard a voice. Not just Niall's voice they were many. It sounded like it was coming from the living room. I headed there and see whats going on. I peeked. Its his gang. BREATH! 

I decided not to peek but to eavesdrop I think is better. Maybe I'll hear something that might help Perrie.

"I love her. But I have to. We all know whats gonna happen if I dont." A guy said. Sounding vulnerable and kind.

Some guy in a deep british accent cleared his throat and said "Well. You could always pretend. You love the gal maybe you could make it something more special not something out from a criminal."


"Perrie HATES my guts, dumb-ass" another guy said, I think his the same guy I heard speaking first but now he sounds like mad smarty ass.

I heard foot step. Nearer nearer. Then somebody cupped my mouth. It was Niall, silently shushing me.

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