Zayn's POV

5 months. And counting.

She still isnt talking to me. Just a simple nod or mumble was all Im getting in the last months. Im really worried about her.

She's a long gone since her vomiting weeks and, we are now going for our new doctors appointment. Well, ultra sound appointment. Yeah, we're getting to know the gender of our child. And hopefully she can speak to me.

Even though she's been silent with me Im changing. Changing for her, for the best, for our child. And Im not regretting it.

Well, I think Im gonna propose to her. If she talks to me though. I promised myself to do it infront of out baby. Well, I was inspired by a gay television show and I though it was romantic. I hope it works though.

"You ready?" I asked Perrie.

"Yeah." she said not making any eyes contact with me. "Wait." she looked straight to me.


"We need to talk."

"About what?" I asked timidly for the first time.

"Your father. We need to talk to him now. Especially you." well atleast it better than 'I hate you. Leave the house.'

"Will that make you speak to me again?"



The house were I was born. The house were I grew up. The house I am now scared to step in.

"We're here." I announced to Perrie.

She got out of the house first. I can see my dad in the dinning window. I took a deep breath before getting out. What am I even gonna say to him.

I knocked on the door, I heard my mother's voice at once. "Zayn. Perrie. What are you guys doing here? Its been months." she hugged us but she hugged Perrie the longest. "See you have a big bump there, have you guys known its gender yet?" Then there it is. The mark that proves I dont own anyone an apology, well except my mom.

Perrie chuckled a little breaking my thoughts "No. Not yet. We're going. But we decided to pay you a visit first"

"Mum, what's that on the side of your lips." I said, suspiciously. Its not that big but It was noticable to be seen by anybody.

"What? Where?" she played nervously. Well the lying game it is then. "Would you like to come in?"

"Sure, we'll be there in  minute." I said, giving her a fake smile. Perrie was about to walk in but I held her forearm and tell what I think is true. "Didnt you see that Perrie?"

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