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Jade's POV

Well Perrie's here with what appears like Zayn's small sister. She saw me crying when she came in, she set the kid in the guestroom to take a rest or a nap. She has a big bump now compared to mine. Im guessing Niall is with Zayn and Zayn told her to go here. That pretty much explains it. She's been here about 20 minutes. She's just calming me down taking time for me to speak to her.

"Im so sorry, Perrie." I said wipping my tear looking at her.

"No need to be, Jade. You know I love you. And god I miss you." she said pulling me into a hug again. "Hey what's up? Why are you crying?"

"Cause Im an emotional wreck and my boyfriend called our baby a thing." I explained.

"Awww. Jade Im so sorry. I know Niall doesnt mean that. You know he love you, right?"

"I know." I tried to force a smile.

"Enough with the sad part. Im here. Im not angry at you. And we can be friends again." She beams. "Now tell me, how did you guys made your baby? Like how?! Why?! How?!"

I rolled my eyes. "You seem happy. And engage." I notice the ring with a small diamond that was hugging her finger.

"I'll tell you my story, if you start telling your. Now speak." she said getting comfortable at her seat.

"Well, about 65 days ago. Ummmm I got all straight A+ in every subject. Me and Niall celebrated. He got me to a fancy restaurant which is really a fast food. Nandos. And ummmm we went to the cinema watched 2 movies."

"One comedy. Grown up2. That movie kinda sucked, actually. And umm we watched one horror. The conjuring. That movie was amazing. Effect were cool and the plot twist and the thing that says its a real story was kinda creepy." I blurted out.

"We went to a club after. Got a bit of driks. Well we arent drunk if you were asking. We just stopped by for 2 drinks and dancing. Then everything got good, heated up and sexy on the dance floor. Then umm we drived home. I told him I was ready, that I love him so much. And with one lovely, passionate sex we made a thing. A baby." I finished. I can feel a blush heating up my cheeks. you cant blame me. That story is kinda private and now its out there for Perrie to spread.

Perrie's POV 

Okay to be honest, while Jade was telling her story, my blood was boiling. Anger. Im still angry at her. Calling me a slut. Then just all of the sudden. Dirty images!

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