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Jade's POV

Niall was set to go to school and I was set to go to Perrie's. "Do you want me to walk you over to Perrie's?"

"No. You'll run late. How about I'll text you later so you can pick us up?" 


"Whatever. Lets go. Walk me over."

Perrie's POV

I woke up with an empty bed. I tried to reamember the face that I spent the night with but I cant. I looked at my side table there was a letter saying 'Im Sorry'. I let the words sink in and let the yesterday go but I cant, I have wounds in my arm that refreshes me from the memory at Starbucks yesterday.

"Knock, Knock." A ginger headed guy said, My brother Edward James Edwards. Weird having a ginger brother and having a parent who are brunnette and blonde. But I love my brother. "A girl is waiting for you sis. Jade."

Oh right I remember we were going shopping today. "I'll be there. Tell her to wait I'll just freshen up."

"Sure. Hey how's your project going?"

"Project?" It quickly run to my head that Jade set a alibi in case my parents look for me. Again weird. She knows where I live. "Oh that. Well its coming along. Its a really tiring project." I scratched my skulp. "Hey do you know the guy that carried me home?"

"Yeah. He told me his name is Zayn. I like his tattoos. But I reckon mine's better."

I chuckled and nodded in agreement. "Now go downstairs and tell Jade to wait for me"


After taking a warm shower. I dried my hair and wore a simple floral leggings, a light blue tank top and a jacket to compliment the colors. I looked at myself at the mirror, I guess this should be good.

I ran to the stairs and see Jade with Niall. What's he doing here? 

"You're turning away from Zayn now?" I told him rudely.

"You know, whats my situation Perrie. I told you I was sorry. I cant go back from us being friends. I'll get the ones that I love in trouble. You know that." He told me.

"Calm down Perrie. He's with me." Jade told me. She was wearing an old fashion outfit but still cute compared to mine. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah." I rolled my eyes.

"Seeya later, princess." Niall said to Jade, kissing her lips. "Bye, Perrie." 

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