3 years later

Narrator's POV 

3 weeks after the birth of her twins she and Zayn had their wedding and after the most beautiful sweet honeymoon as they described it, leaving the twin with Niall and Jade. They knew that Perrie[]s father was already dead. 

The cause? Nobody knew doctors told them that its suicide cause he left a note saying how much he loved Perrie and Ed and her mother. It also stated that she and Zayn are the next holder of their big family company.

They were sad yes. But for the sake for the spirit of Perrie's dad to be happy. They moved on and yes, they will always remember the kindness and love he has given to all. 

3 years now, Zack and Zen have grown. Jade and Niall had a baby girl named Alex. Same with Harry and Carly, twin girls named Sydney and Darcy. Louis and Eleanor had their bouncing baby boy named James and last Liam and Danielle had their first daughter a month ago named Diana.

They all own the company together. A year after Perrie's dad died they all decided to change the company's name to ONE DIRECTION. And of course like any company it grew big and earned big almost like they have the same amount of money like Queen Elizabeth has in her kingdom.

Zayn never told anyone about the letter he found. And he presume that Leigh-Anne would never come back again to their life. He decided to live their life without ever thinking about that bitch.

Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, Jade and Carly started to cooperate with the boys' job with starting their own clothing line and a charity building for the abandoned kids from all over the world and a campaign about bullying. Which gained more money for them that can last for 5 more generations of their family.

They all live in one roof. 6 bedrooms and 1 huge room for the kids to stay in all together. Since they all came from very simple family they didnt hired a maid for the house or the kids. They all agreed to stay close with their children, not letting anyone touch or love them as much as they do. Of course they all have fights here and their but they all know that they love each other to break the best relationship they've ever been in just one blow.

In other words they all live happily ever after. Or so they thought.


July  1, 2016

"Zack come here." Perrie yelled in with her ever sweet voice.

"Mama." Zack ran funnily.

"Go see what daddy is doing. Then tell him dinner is ready." she said. 

They[]re having a dinner outside their huge house.  They others had their dates and they all know that its the anniversary of Zayn and Perrie when they first saw each other in school at 7th grade. Since its a very remembering day for the two of them, the other let them have a night with their twins alone.

Perrie never felt bad this day but her guts told her something more, she just cant put a finger on it. They've been celebrating this day for 2 years now, but it feels very different today as Perrie thought. Even with the worst nerve wrecking event she still continued to avoid the feeling and tried to remember this happy anniversary. 

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