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Theres a rain. Heart breaking. But no one will leave though.


Perrie's POV

I feel like this all my fault. If hadnt make my suggestion to my father to move to London when I I was younger, this wouldnt happen. What will our family friends think of me and Zayn. A girl who got knocked up with her bully that she loved?! Hell, no. Whats done is done, though.

Wait?! I dont regret this! I love Zayn. And I love the child of ours! Nothing, no words will ruin that!

I looked at my phone that just recently vibrated. I took it and looked at the screen a text from an unknown number. The text said:

Seems like you have a handful. But meet me at starbucks after class.

Zayn is in the bathroom taking a shower. Well I dont want to tell him about that. I'll just make something up. Today we suppose to look for a small house for our own, my dad agreed and he said that he'll take care of the finance. Zayn and my dad are really good with each other, but with his own dad still no work, I dont really want to push Zayn cause Im afraid that he'll blow up and let my nightmares come true.

I just got a new nightmare again.

~Perrie's dream~

Zayn is carrying our baby. Its so cute to look at them. I walked towars Zayn.

But my body became numb, I cant move my legs. Whenever I walk it seems like there's a force shield preventing me to come closer.

I took a glance at Zayn who was suddenly covered with blood. The white fabric that was covering our baby was fully stained with blood. Blurred yet loud crying and screams were heard from my baby. Tears were pricking my eyes.

Why my baby?! Please let it be me. Dont let the little one get hurt. Please.

"You disobeyed me, Perrie. We're all sorry here." Zayn's voice said. And a gun shot was the last thing I heard next. No crying. No screaming.

"NOOOO!!!" I screamed.

A laugh. A lady laugh. A familiar laugh. The curly haired, brown skinned girl. Leigh-Anne. My half sister.


I woke up with Zayn comforting me. I didnt had the plan on telling him my dreams. Why? Well, its all about him and I dont want him feeling down like me.

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