"Please, dont hurt me." I said to the one I bumped into.

"Its me Niall." he said. I looked at him and he is indeed Niall. "Look Im sorry, if I stopped being your friend but they threatened me. I know its a selfish way but Im so sorry." he said, he was gonna tear up but I not gonna fall for that. Atleast not now.

He was holding my wrist "How will be sure this isnt a trap,Again Horan." I said pulling away from his grip. I successfully did. I just walked away and bump my shoulder on him purposely. "Im not falling for anything again, Niall."

"Perrie.!" I heard Zayn's voice in the near. Oh my God I need to run to the girl bathroom. At this time the bathroom is full of girls so Zayn cant come in.

As I walked in the bathroom, I found Jade. I hugged her, hard. A tear escaped my eyes again.

"Help me, Jade please. Dont leave me."

"I wont. Tell me what happen, please tell me. I want to help Perrie."She was comforting me, running her hands up and down my back.

"I was ready to die til Zayn, the boy who stabbed me, kissed me. Why would he do that? Why did he even bully me?" I said crying so hard.

"It going to be okay." she said. "Now look clean up. My classes are over, I'll treat you a starbucks. Everyone loves starbucks" I gave her a small nod and smile. I cleaned myself up and we both got out of the bathroom heading to outside of this hell.

Zayn isnt here. Neither of the boys are here. Maybe they're waiting for me at the usual path I go to when Im heading home. Which is also the way to Starbucks

I preferred Jade the other way. The long way. As we were walking a girl very familiar to me talked to the both of us, handing us a piece of paper. Its an invitation. She told us that its on Friday which is next day after tomorrow. She introduced herself knowing our facial expression that we dont know her. 

"Im Jesy. The co-leader of the cheerleading club. We're on the same class in the past 3 years dumb ass. You never talked and you always seemed distant to us. Now go to the party of prove youself that your a dumb ass." She said walking pass us. "Bye now."

After 10 minutes of a long walk we got the starbucks. I can see Zayn at the corner of my eye when me and Jade were entering. He was on the other road. I can feel that they can see me. 10 eyes looking at me and probably thinking of something bad to do with me.

We walked in the store. Quickly the aroma of coffee strucked my nose. "What may i serve you ma'am?" A 20 year old, nice lady in uniform asked.

"I'll have a Caramel Frappuccino Venti with extra foam. A blueberry muffin and a strawberry cheese cake.'' Jade said. Wow this girl must be hungry. "And she'll have a ---"

"Just a Coffee Frappuccino Grande."

"May I take your names?" She lady asked.

"Perrie and Jade" JAde answered.

"Okay, I'll just deliver this to you when its done." The lady said giving us a friendly smile.

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