Jade's POV

Niall didnt want to come to the party with us but he said if we ever need anything we'll just call him.

Perrie cried 30 minutes ago. She had a bad dream. She didnt tell me what it was. Everytime she tries to speak she cries harder.

Perrie's dressing up. I want her to have fun later. Let the bad dreams away. And I hope Zayn and the others will let her go for one day.

"Lets go?" Perrie said as soon as she got out of the bathroom. Her eyes are red due to crying. 

"Cheer up, Per. Its gonna be fine. We'll have fun tonight I promise!" I said. She responded with a fake smile, and wiping the remaining tears from her eyes.

After 45 minutes of finding the house, we found a very noisy house and teenagers entering the house. We assumed that that was the house. 

Before we could knock 2 drunk gays opened the door kissing! My eyes widened. As soon as they got out of the way, we walked in. Me and Perrie never let go of each others hands. We struggled looking for the drinking area. Well ummm, where we can find the drinks, was what I meant.

 Loud music kept playing in our ears. We bumped to a curly headed girl. Fuck I spilled beer on her!

"OH my gosh Im so sorry!!" I apologized.

"No no no. Its no ones fault the place is crowded so I dont blame you. Im Danielle." She said.

"Jade and Perrie." I barely shouted. I couldnt really hear myself.

As  we kinda sway to the beat, we and Danielle kept talking. "So do you know the party owner thingy?"

"Yeah" she answered. "Jesy. She took my spot."

"Took your spot in what?" Perrie cutted in our conversation.

"Being a leader? Cheerleader leader. Well she kinda did..." She said while looking around. Moments later she pointed at a girl, which I think is Jesy. "Doing that to our PE teacher. She got the part. As for myself. I accepted it knowing that I have much deeper respect to myself."... "Imma leave you two. Seeya later." She gave a friendly smile that accompanied with a goodbye wave.

Minutes or hours I think. I dont know I didnt bring a watch. Perrie was kinda red. She had a tight grip on me. I tried to look for the Danielle girl. Maybe she's not drunk she can get us home. But noooo. She's drunk. She's changing saliva with Liam. Way to have self respect Dani. Gross literally, looking at them. Liam touching her bum up and down and Danielle sexy dancing while they have their make out session. God, who can hold a breath that super long. GROSS! I wonder?! If Niall and I.. No stop, Stop it your drunk. GROSS! Im not completely drunk though, but Im dizzy. I think I should call Niall. Im feeling something not right.

The loud music stopped. "If I cant to three and you kids dont go home, Im all gonna arrest you all. This house is surrounded so dont try hiding out in your little fuck room!" A loud sound device with a man voice said.

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