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"Please stop. Please Zayn." I said catching my air.

"No bitch, I will stop whenever I wanna. You cant tell me what to do." He said drowning me again.

His gang was just laughing at the background.

They have bullying me since I got in this school. At seventh grade they just bully me emotionally. Calling me fat, stupid, worthless, bitch and more hurtful things that a 13 year old cant handle. Everyday I cry about that.

Several years after, ninth grade, they started bullying me physically. Punching, Kicking, Slapping, Bumping, Pushing, Drowning but whenever teachers are around they act kind or normal or they start bullying me words again. I never wonder why has nobody reported it or how cant they get scolded? I never told my parents. I always tell them I tripped on something. Zayn told me if I ever tell anyone that they bully me, they will kill me or my family. I never wanted my family get hurt. So I never told, even the police. I always say to myself that 'just a couple more years, be strong and patient, you'll out of this school, just wait'. But everyday, the days feel so long like they will never move.

People in this school hate me. The whole student body all cause of them. They always whisper and gossip about me. I never knew what they were talking about. I dont care. But it hurts not knowing. I dont cut myself for it. My mom told me if ever I was depress or stressed I should never cut myself, it shows your weakness. So I never did. Yes, I was bullied but I never show them I was weak. But I am.

Let me introduce them. Niall, the irish one, he was my friend til he got bullied cause of me. Not long after he stopped being my friend and turned in to Zayn. Liam, the nice one, I always hear him saying 'dont kill her, thats enough for one day.' for me that sounded kinda nice like he didnt want me to die. Louis, the sassy one, sometimes I talk back to the guys but I always fail at Louis' talking back knowledge. Harry, the flirt, he flirted to every girl in school and slept with them, he ven flirted me but it was a bully attempt. After he flirted they threw eggs and flour at me. Now Zayn, the head, the supreme, the ultimate bad boy, the leader. I liked him, a crush, even though he bullies me everyday. He's the one who mostly physically bullies me, but I know somewhere behind those punches are his weakness. I didnt know what they were but theres a reason why he bullies people.

"Zayn please cant breath." I said in the water. He put my head up by my hear. "Please stop this fucking thing. Im tired of this, tired of you assholes." Wow where did I found this bravery?

He put a pocket knofe in my neck. "What did you say, bitch?" I can feel his angry.

"Zayn, stop." Liam said.

"No Liam, I hadnt have enough of this slut, I want to hurt her more." ... "Hurt her like she wished she couldve just die" He whispered loudly in my ear.

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