Spoiler Alert: I know what you're thinking. But still not in the party guys.

Jade's POV

Harry towered me. I thought he was gonna hurt me but he lend a hand to help me get up. He helped me alright.

= I held his hand for support but as soon as I did he pulled so fast and strong. Then he crushed my lips into his. I received a very sloppy kiss. Cause he was letting his tongue play in my mouth. As defense I was pushing him away but he had strong grip on me. I escaped from his touch once but he got hold of my waist.=

"Help!" I screamed.

"Wait babe, where do you think you're going?" he whispered in my ear sending shivers in my spine. He cupped my mouth with his large hands.

I heard footsteps not from a far. Getting nearer and nearer. HArry loosen his grip a bit I dont know why but I felt his head turn around. I got pushed away. Then I heard a painful punch. Then I saw a blonde guy. It was Niall.

"Go away Niall. This is none of your business." HArry said standing up feeling his nose if he had any blood.

"I dont care. You're hurting her!" Niall said, getting ready to punch Harry again.

"And who are you to defend that bitch?" Harry said fisting his hand. "She's mine now.!"

"Nobody owns her! Leave her alone, Harry! For once get a real LIFE!" Niall tried to send a new punch to Harry but Harry finally saw that coming so he got the chance to dodge. And as fast as Harry could he sent a punch to Niall. Niall didnt have the chance to get away with that punch. I guessed it was a very hard one. One side of Niall's face was all red and a bit of blood ran through his cheeks.

"I dont feel fighting with right now Niall. You're a prick and I wont waste my time fighting you for that bitch." Harry said pointing at Niall. Then he looked back at me "But you'll soon be mine." Then he walked away from us. When he did I ran to Niall. Checking him. He wasnt unconscious but he looks a bit dizzy. I wiped the blood on his cheeks and thankfully it dried quickly. I helped him get up.

"Can take care of myself." He said so I let go. But he almost lost balance so I helped again.

"Clearly you dont. First I think you're drunk and second you got punched hard." I said, adding support to his body as we try to walk. "I on the other hand can defend myself."

"Yeah right. You screamed for help." He said.

"I panicked. So what. You cant protect me from everything."

We stopped walking. He held my chin "I can try" (A/N: I know.. Its from Dark! GOD I LOVE THAT STORY!).

He kissed me. Passionately and slowly with a bit of tongue. Our tongue moved in sync. His lips were soft. Oh my god I felt butterflies in my stomach and fireworks were in my head. PERFECTION! We both pulled away breathless. I smiled at him. It was a perfect setting, we were in under a light post and the moon was so bright. I hugged him. We continued walking to the moonlight. He showed me his house and invited me to have a sleep over there. Which I agreed to. Since my house was far and Im tired. Plus Perrie's house was nearer from here.

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