Chapter 53 - Wicked Lucius

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Draco's guests arrived for the Equinox Holiday and things were actually going fairly smoothly. The old aunts were crying to all their other relatives and anyone who would listen of what a brute Lucius was and how he had threatened them. By the time it got to the Malfoys and Rosiers and all their distant relations, the story was that Lucius (with Auntie's influence) had threatened to put a Sécher Curse on them. Neither of the Witches were well liked and no one really believed their histrionics, but Lucius did get a few Portcalls, mostly from the sycophantic, poorer relatives, such as Curius Black and Polydora Lestrange, who were perhaps hoping to be left something from either ageing Witch. Lucius was unapologetic and informed all of them that, although he certainly hadn't threatened to put a Sécher on either of "the two, old bile spitting hags", he wasn't opposed to the idea of something less illegal. He added if they were so concerned about the pair, he thought the best remedy was to send the two "wicked Witches" to live with any of them, because he would be glad to be rid of the two terrors.

Andromeda also Portcalled, but instead to lend her support to Lucius and offer an olive branch for the lack of contact they had had so far in life, due to their very different life paths. Similar to Lucius, Andromeda had lost her spouse (and also her daughter) to the war. For some reason Urania, who had always been vile to Andromeda and hadn't spoken to her in years, contacted her to cry on her shoulder and began moaning about Lucius "picking up another filthy Muggle waif." Considering that Andromeda was not only a staunch liberal, but that she had been disowned for marrying a Muggle-born and her child from the union had not only been rejected, but murdered by those who hated Muggles (her own sister had tried to kill the girl in fact) she was the worst member of either the Blacks or Rosiers to try and gain sympathy or gossip with. Lucius who would have ordinarily avoided interaction with any of his late wife's family like the plague, was very pleased to get the Portcall from Andromeda and appreciated her reaching out to him, more than he was able to express.

Although Lucius thought it was a good idea for Draco to get to know his aunt better, he was afraid of Draco formulating any romantic designs around his sister-in-law and himself, so avoided mentioning their contact for the time being.

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