Chapter 45 - Pregnant Gypsy Girl

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Valentina was at the entrance of the property with a shovel and hand broom clearing away garbage. Martin Martin's dog had gotten into the rubbish bins again. Shredded Tetra Paks, tissues, used tampons (the lot) were strewn across several metres in every direction. Martin Martin himself would soon be making a complaint to the local municipality for the filth (if he hadn't already). A car passed going faster than it should have been and Valentina moved off the road quickly to avoid it. The bashed-up Renault sedan stopped abruptly, reversed a few car lengths, swerving wildly as it did and stopped short. A young, petite, girl with very thick, long, black hair got out of it. She wore faded, studded jeans and a similar styled, jewelled, black denim bolero jacket, black knee-high boots and very large, gold, hoop earrings. She had deep olive skin and wore quite a lot of eye liner and bright red lipstick.

«[You Valentina?]» she demanded brusquely in French.

«[And you are, who?]» Valentina demanded back (inwardly daunted).

«[Are you Valentina OR NOT?]» the girl continued, looking hostile.

«[And – who are you? What do you want here?]» Valentina demanded brusquely in return. She held the shovel closer to her body, feeling a growing pang of anxiety in her stomach.

Another girl who looked like she may have been related to the first girl, got out of the car. She was just as angry looking, except she was dressed in men's track bottoms and trainers and her hair was pulled away from her clean-scrubbed face into a tight ponytail. (She was also quite a bit larger than either the first girl or Valentina.) She clenched her fists broadening her shoulders and eyed Valentina menacingly. Whoever was driving the car pulled over to the side of the road.

«[Stay away from Jerremee! All right? He's my guy! All right?!! Just stay away from him!! What's your problem, anyway? You don't want him, so why can't you just leave him alone?!]»

With the girl's accent Valentina wasn't sure she understood.

«[Are you... the... the girlfriend, of Jerremee?]» Valentina ventured cautiously, with a mild bewilderment. The girl looked very young and her rough, sort of modern, urban mannerisms felt uncomfortably unfamiliar to Valentina. She had enough experience with the person in question to know that anything was possible where he was concerned, but for the girl's part, she was a little stunned that SHE would actually have any interest in him.

«[Yeah.]» Her expression became rather more defensive than angry when she replied.

«[Oh... well, ehmm... Good luck,]» Valentina said, suddenly fighting a smile and hoping the girl would be satisfied and leave.

«[Well... keep away from him. All right?]»

Valentina laughed, exhaling in a sharp gust. «[You want that I stay away from Jerremee??]»


«[I do not know what he tells to you and I do not understand why you are here, but... If he is your man, for me that is excellent. Bad for you, but very good for me. Good luck. Is that all?]» Valentina asked dismissively. The amusement that she felt quickly dissipated. She was annoyed that the girl had the nerve to come, but also worried that she might be in danger. She put the last drop of rubbish into the black bag, said «[Good bye]» firmly and turned to go.

«[Wait!]» the girl called with urgent confusion. «[Well... well... why did you say that? Why do you keep calling him if you don't care?]»

«[I can assure you I do not telephone to Jerremee. I am extremely happy he is gone out of my life. Actually I have things he leaves in my house. You can take them with you, now he is your man. Right? Wait and I am going to put them outside in the road for you. You can take to him... No?... You do not want these things of your boyfriend?]» asked Valentina sarcastically. «[Jerremee is a pathological liar. He is like a virus and I am--]»

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