Chapter 75 - Put Your Back into It

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Lucius was already late going to Valentina's to do the work he had promised, but he had just had a very confusing Portcall from Arthur Weasley and needed to make a last minute Portcall to Elliott before leaving:

"I just had an angry call from the weasel, any idea what that was about?"

"What did he say?"

"Well – not much really. He seemed more than a little vexed about something. Something about 'how dare I sink so low' and some blubbering nonsense that I had 'woken a sleeping lion'."

"Oh yeah," Elliott chortled. " He's just angry because of those photos I sent him."

"What photos?"

"Ehh, some suggestive looking ones of him and an attractive female colleague in a personal moment," Elliott said breezily.


"What? 'what?!!'"

"I like Molly Weasley! That's what! (It's not her fault she's married to a buffoon.) I don't want her suffering even more. She has been really decent to me."

"Ohhh, I'm sorry Goldilocks. Perhaps someone didn't mention to you that you're up for war crimes: murder, torture, perversions against Wizardom, breaking the Alpha every which way possible – that sort of thing... You wanna rot in jail?! You pay me to protect your platinum-plated ass and that's what I'm doing?"

"You do. You do. And I appreciate it, but still, what is the point in going after his family? He is not going to stop being a feck. He doesn't know how. Molly... it's... I do not want her mixed up in this. She has suffered enough."

"Weasel's been trying to get a testimony that you cut those peoples' hearts out when they were ALIVE. Alright?!"

"WHAT?!!" Those people WHERE DEAD when they arrived! All of them!! LONG DEAD."

"You know that and I know that (probably the weasel knows that) but that doesn't stop him trying to get the testimony."

"Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"If I told you half the stuff, you'd be a nervous wreck. (You're not far from as it is.)"

"Ugh!... At any rate, how is he going to get a testimony? The only Wizard that was there was uhmm... Julia... Hens--"


"Yes – and she's dead."

"Yeah, but her mother isn't. The weasel has been trying to procure a statement from her that Julia said you used a stunning spell and cut their hearts out while they were still conscious."

"That's absurd! That's unspeakable!! And her mother must be ancient. It will never hold up."

"What? You're an expert in Magical law now? It's enough to put doubt in people's minds and you my friend cannot afford that. So I sent weasel an incentive to behave himself. Alright?!"

"...Well, IS he cheating on Molly?" Lucius said thoughtfully.

"I – DONNN'T – KNOWWW," Elliott shrugged incredulously. The heavily animated look on his face spoke a mixture of: 'What on Earth does that have to do with it?' and 'What do I care?'

"No... no, he wouldn't cheat. He's too much of a feck," said Lucius in a reflective tone. "Anyway, who would have him?"

Elliott rolled his eyes and looked at Lucius with fatigue.

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