Chapter 23 - Renovation: The New & Improved Mr Malfoy

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Pieces of Lucius's long, white-blond hair lay scattered on the ground around the chair on which he sat, looking grumpy. Felicitas Isholmborg (Lucius's young cousin once removed) was doing the job and waved her wand so that a mirror floated into his hands. Felicitas enquired apprehensively if he liked it. She had cut it to a little below his ears, leaving about as much length on top.

"Fine," he said without looking. Fine. Thank you Felice." He removed the cape covering him, pressed his lips to the top of Felicitas's forehead, without making an attempt to look less sullen and walked off. He hadn't had his hair cut since he was a boy, when his nurse had done it after he had accidentally set it alight practicing with his wand. Narcissa usually trimmed it, but that hadn't happened in a long while either.

He had had the haircut to please Draco, who had made more than enough remarks that his father's hair, which fell quite a few inches past his shoulders, looked too "Perri": London Wizard slang for "Superial", or in other words someone who came from the world of the "over-privileged, out-of-touch and old-money".

Draco was running for political office and needed as much in his favour as possible. Before the war, it would have been a given that Draco would have had certain posts opened to him by default. Although it was unusual –even frowned upon– among Superials to take political offices, before he would have had the place arranged for him through family contacts with little, if any, effort. Things were different after the war. Draco needed to prove himself now – they all did.

For the first time in Wizarding history, it was no longer the thing to come from the Wizarding world's highest 'class' – or rather, it was no longer so advantageous to look as though one did... In reality things were only somewhat more egalitarian in regard to class and blood in their new post-war world and –although they bitterly bemoaned it– Superials influence was only slightly diminished. The most important factor was: Superials still, in large, held most of the gold. Nonetheless, the Malfoy's fall from grace due of their heavy Death Eater involvement had been ruinous to their good standing. Having a father who had sat in the number two position behind the most powerful, evil Wizard in history, was more than a little problematic for Draco's political aspirations. For the first time in his young life he would have to work hard to earn his place. Although, it hadn't been all bad. He was benefitting greatly on sympathy from his mother's assassination, as well as growing faith that his family hadn't actually been such villains after all. "Still, some image adjustments couldn't hurt."

Along with his father's new haircut, Draco had arranged a consultation with a fashionable stylist duo. The aim was to make Lucius look less like the class from which he came and more like the average Middle-blood Wizard: "down to earth", "accessible – that sort of thing". That was the plan at any rate... The stylists, who were known as "André & Anselm", both looked the same as far as Lucius was concerned and both referred to one another by their first initial "A", so that Lucius really couldn't tell them apart. One stylist wore 'smart casual' quilted trainers; ripped jeans; a track top, with a metallic print t-shirt underneath that had some idiosyncratic saying on it that Lucius didn't understand the meaning of; and mirrored wrap around sunglasses (even though it was sunny neither inside, nor out). The other wore black lumberjack boots; extremely tight, narrow legged jeans, with unusually wide cuffs rolled up to just above the boots; a tartan, unbuttoned button-down shirt, with a grey t-shirt underneath that looked like a rag to Lucius; suspenders that were hanging down around his legs, rather than over his shoulders; and severe looking, narrow-framed rectangular spectacles. Both had sparse Van Dyke beards and heavily jelled hair that was coiffed into dynamic, angular styles. And both had a tendency to review their appearance each time they passed the mirrors which had been set up for Lucius.

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