Chapter 83 - Ass Man

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The shopping day was weird. Seeing Valentina looking like that was weird. Walking around and being out in public together was weird. Now that they were out of their usual environment and didn't have their usual structured and assigned roles to fall back on, it all felt very WEIRD.

She looked really very beautiful though.... He was especially caught off guard, because he hadn't ever thought that he found it very appealing for a female to be dressed in the Muggle style. Perhaps it was because Justinia had a tendency to dress in the Muggle fashion and he had gotten used to it. But Justinia never wore denim. He had never found blue jeans –normally only worn by the much younger generations and dilute bloodlines in his world and which the Muggles seemed to wear for every occasion– at all attractive before. He thought the custom looked gauche, slovenly, not at all feminine. Perhaps he had gotten used to that particular look after being out in Muggle society so frequently. (Although he imagined she would look much more beautiful in the Wizard fashion.) The shoes were very much like what a Witch would wear actually. In fact he was certain either Justinia or Narcissa had had something very similar. Lucius who found ladies' high heals both alluring and baffling, wondered how any woman (Muggle or Magical) could walk in such things! They looked painful... but very, very pleasing, to his eyes. He found it exceedingly provocative how the lace covered the skin, but at the same time showed so much of what was underneath. It was the same with the top (even if it wasn't actually the skin showing through but the peachy coloured fabric, tricking his eyes into thinking about the real flesh underneath). He supposed she had always been attractive, but it had been safer before somehow. She looked so much 'cuter' before. He actually had to force himself to stop looking. It was a problem.

Once they were in Nantes, Valentina asked him a few times if he had been listening to her, because he was often looking at that point above her ear, or elsewhere in the vicinity. In order not to appear rude, the result was that he found himself looking into her eyes and at her hands a lot more intently than normal (both assets of which he had always found very beautiful). He would try and focus at the innocuous bit of metal strung around her throat which was on a cheap –but nicer than before–ribbon, but then he had also always found her throat very attractive too and found himself looking at that instead.

Unable to avoid it any longer, he observed the attractive contour of her bottom and thighs. The truth was he had noticed before, but they had been hidden under baggy trousers most of the time up until then (and situated in the cottage where he had to focus on his role of protector and builder). When she reached up to take a pair of trousers from a shelf a little above her head for him to try on, revealing a few inches of her lower back and the tops of her panties that peaked out from behind the rough denim, he let his eyes glide over that lower part of her body for just a moment. He could't stop himself. He looked away guiltily as soon as he caught himself wondering more about what those panties (more black, lacy stuff with some sort of flesh coloured mesh underneath – the Universe help him!) looked like in their entirety.

He couldn't stop his mind though: her waist while not waspish as his wife's had been, was slender like the rest of her and he imagined if he rested both of his hands there, they would cover quite a lot of it. This made him think about her hips being ticklish. He knew they were ticklish because he had unintentionally touched them steadying her on a ladder once, causing her to become even more unsteady and sending her into fits of giggles. He had thought it was simply sweet at the time. (Cute). He had been more interested in stopping her from falling. (Or perhaps he had convinced himself that that was the case.) Now the thought of running his palms over those hips and wondering just how ticklish she actually was, kind of short-circuited his brain! He found the shape where the small of her back curved into her bottom to be exquisite and at the end, where her bottom rolled into her thighs, which were strong looking yet graceful like a dancer's, to be even more exquisite.

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