Chapter 60 - A Common Stalker

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Lucius was on what had become his regular morning walk, which included the briefest of checks on "the girl". (Just to see that she was alright. Just to check if she was breathing. Being alone as she was, it seemed the proper thing to do... He was 'Bore out of his Naughtie mind' anyway.) He had started going much earlier, so there was no danger of running into her as she was always still asleep. He used the Vitalis Charm as a basic means of testing and would truthfully breathe a small sigh of relief each day, when the blue sparks went up above the roof, although they were never as blue and bright as he would have expected for a healthy young woman.

On this certain morning, Lucius had made his check and was about to leave when the cottage door flew open and Valentina came running out screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs like a lunatic. Lucius stopped in his tracks. It was still quite chilly out and the girl was nearly naked! She had on the muddy, orange Wellington boots she normally wore, a pair of panties and her wonky, loosely knit, greyish-olive sweater that only had one button left on it somewhere in the middle. She was still putting the sweater on as she was exiting the house. She had nothing else on underneath!

"«Fils de Putain! Gros Salaud! PUTE!» I'll kill you! Keep away from my babies!" she was screaming as she hopped the fence and took off down into the field, shouting: "I'll strangle you when I catch you, you murderer!!"

Lucius stood there completely perplexed as to what had just happened. Should he help her? Help her at what? But was the girl right in the head?... He was sure he had seen A BREAST! (if not two).

Valentina returned three or four minutes later holding her sweater shut, red faced and gasping for air. She let go of the sweater and bent over still gasping, propping herself up by holding onto her knees. Did she need help! He didn't know what to do.

"«Putain de--» STUPID... FOX! «Insupportable!»" She looked dazed and put her hand over her eyes. Still panting, she kneaded her chest a little and then suddenly looked panic stricken. She looked around and then ran into the barn. Lucius waited. After another couple minutes or so, she came out and breathing in full lungs of air, let out a huge sigh of relief. The fox hadn't taken anyone.

«Insupportable!» she griped to herself breathlessly, clenching the hand that wasn't holding her sweater shut into a tight fist. Then with a look of angst, she burst into tears.

Lucius didn't know what to do. She was covered in goose pimples and her warm coloured skin looked bluish from the cold. She wasn't in strongest of health as it was and he wished she would go inside. She was still dazed and noticed she had scraped the side of her knee jumping the fence; it was stinging and bleeding. Lucius cast a mild heat encapsulation around her, but stayed where he was. After she had assessed the scrape, she looked down at the rest of her body shaking her head with a look of grave disapproval and frustration (as if she had only just noticed she was nearly naked). Scolding herself, she went inside.

Back at Auntie's, Lucius was quite shaken himself. He had gone from scarcely caring what other people ever did –even very grand and important Witches and Wizards in fact– to being almost dependent on witnessing the most mundane daily practices of an odd Muggle girl, probably young enough to be his daughter. He didn't even know why he bothered; it wasn't like she ever did anything of any true interest. And she was as mad as a pot turner! Now he'd turned into a common stalker. He was acting like that sad, glassy-eyed, feckish, little Muggle who had been there watching her... And he had seen her breasts!.. (And... other parts.)

It had to end. For goodness sake Draco had already suffered more than enough humiliation. He could just imagine the headlines in the paper:

"Ex Lord Lu-lu Turns into Peeping Tommass."

"Can Malfoy Stoop Any Lower?"

"Malfoy Caught Spying On Naked Muggle Girl Half His Age!"

and they would be right. What a feck! It was completely undignified. It had to stop. He would stay away from the silly thing from this moment forward.

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