Chapter 15 - An Awkward Moment in an Elevator...

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Lucius come out of the court without the abhorrent choker, looking calm, but drained. There were bands of bruising on either side of where the choker had been that looked like two very long and narrow love bites. Their group took the elevator up to the main lobby where Lucius and Elliott took a moment to talk privately:

"Seriously Luscious can you please try and remember you're on 'Conditional' Freedom from now on, or else they'll leave it on next time. I'm running out of options here."

Lucius rubbed his neck and smirked at Elliott: "Thank you for this."

Elliott shrugged, instead of saying 'You're welcome'.

"You coming for dinner?" Lucius enquired.

"Na I... gotta get home for something," he said with some vagueness.

"A new one?"

"The one in the mezzanine bookshop," Elliott said with a wink, looking unusually enthusiastic and rather pleased with himself.

Lucius shook his head chuckling. Looking into Elliott's eyes, he grasped his solicitor's forearm firmly, giving him a subtle bow, to say goodbye and to indicate he respected and appreciated him. "I am certain I do not need to remind you to, 'enjoy yourself'."

Putting on a facetious look of smugness, Elliott departed with a spring in his step; his secretary trailing behind.

Lucius needed to go up to the infirmary to collect the potions they had prescribed for him, before they would officially let him leave the Ministry. He was waiting for the elevator to the Ministry infirmary, grumbling to himself how "bloody ridiculous" it was that they had him "traipsing around like a servant." Sander had been only a few metres behind the whole time, but the two never talked during the times when Lucius was 'alone' at work, or in quite personal moments like this; it provided Lucius some semblance of autonomy and did the same for Sander. The Everywitchway Elevator doors opened.

Camilla Fairchild, a stunningly beautiful Witch, who was secretary to Finlay Drake, the Assistant Vice Chairman of The Department of Intersocietal Commercial Contracts and the daughter of a business partner of Lucius's, was already in the elevator when it arrived. Seeing Lucius she seemed to be in a rush to get off, but realising it was the wrong floor, stepped back inside rather self-consciously.

Camilla was a pleasant, quiet tempered Witch, about 5 years ahead of Lucius's son. She was considered by many to be the most beautiful Witch of her generation – if not entirely the prettiest women they had ever seen (with the exception of her two older sisters who were considered more, or less equally as stunning). It was an opinion Lucius himself agreed upon. Even in his present morose state, Camilla's perfect, almost otherworldly physical attractiveness was impossible to overlook. Although her temperament certainly did not appear to support the notion, many thought the Fairchild girls and their mother Nina were part Veela (Magical beings who were somewhat like a combination of the Sirens and harpies of Greek mythology). Although he knew her father Acacius well, Lucius had only seen the young Witches and their mother on a few occasions and had himself never thought too deeply on whether they were, or they were not part Veela.

Camilla looked anxious, as if she were late for something, but managed to smile and seemed like she was making an effort to look mature and confident in addressing Lucius: "L--ord Malfoy, how – are you? I didn't realise you were in London today."

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