Chapter 62 - Birdie!

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Tap. Tap. Tap... The cute little bird stood on the window sill looking back and forth with interest. Valentina cautiously came to watch, hoping he wouldn't see her and fly away. Seeing their reflection, birds often tap on windows thinking they are interacting with another bird and once Valentina found out that that was the case, she naturally found it very charming.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Valentina got closer. After a while however, she worried the poor little thing would hurt himself and went closer to the window so it would indeed be frightened away for its own safety (she would put something up to stop the reflection later) but the little black and white bird wasn't scared away. He stood there looking back and forth with continued interest.

Tap. Tap. Tap. It tickled Valentina to see him. So cute! But she was afraid he would hurt himself. The only thing she could think to do to stop him, was to open the window – so she did. Instead of realising the reflection wasn't an adversary and leaving, or being frightened off, the little bird flew inside. He was about the size of the birds that kept getting in through the hole in the roof in the second bedroom, but he obviously liked to come in in style and he wasn't panic stricken, flying into walls and closed windows, like the others that accidentally found their way in. He glided in, landing on the table. When Valentina walked towards him, he hopped to the edge of the table looking back and forth at her with what seemed like awareness.

This was very strange, but then Valentina was used to things that others generally considered strange and so often accepted such things without much question. Perhaps it had been raised by people? Probably it had learned to take food from humans before and was just hungry. She got closer to the little bird, talking to him as she did. His plumage was rather dull – except for an interesting blood coloured marking on his breast that looked sort of like a heart to Valentina and that his pale feathers were slightly more pinkish-greyish-white, than just plain white. Plain or not, he was very, very, cute. With a short, stubby little beak, large black eyes that looked like black beads, little twig legs with feet a bit too big for his round, fluffy body and a long pointy tail, Valentina thought he looked more like a Disney cartoon birdie than a real little bird.

The 'heart' shaped marking on his breast was considered to be that of a flame and 'he' was not a he, but a she. It was Socrates, Lucius's Castlefinch. She let Valentina very near, but she wouldn't let her touch her and she declined all of what Valentina brought for her to eat. It wasn't because Socrates didn't trust Valentina, she just had no interest in the typical 'birdie food' Valentina offered. (If it had been a frog's head or a bit of goose liver, she would have gobbled it up with relish.)

Lucius had sent Socrates to look in on the girl. After a couple hours the little bird was still there, seemingly interested in everything Valentina said. Just as Valentina was wondering if she needed to find something to serve as a house, having done her job for the day (and realising there was nothing going, but toast crusts and oat flakes) the little Castlefinch gave a loud chirp and flew out the window.

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