Chapter 13 - The Attack

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Chaos! Shouting! Pushing! Flashes! Several reporters were asking (demanding) questions of Lucius and pointing cameras in his face. They wanted to know his feelings on the outcome of the most recent Death Eater's final sentencing (it hadn't come out at all well). Sander and the other Luthomequi were grabbing people who had stepped too far over the line, lifting them off their feet by their trouser backs and literally tossing them back into the crowd. One of Sander's guards had an aggressive paparazzo by the throat and his camera under his hoof. There were uniformed Ministry Police holding back a lot of the ordinary Magical public, who represented a broadish socio-economic spectrum of Magical society. Many of them shouted supportive things, like: "Universe bless you Lord Malfoy!" or "Don't let the ol' hag," (meaning the judge) "get ya' down Lu!" and nicest of all, a group of young Witches trilled: "We love you Lucius!!" in unison... However, there were an equal, or greater number of nasty comments. The ones that cut Lucius the deepest were from angry, tormented mothers like the little old Witch they had encountered weeks earlier, who held Lucius responsible for the deaths of their sons and daughters. Thankfully most of the hateful comments on this day were just from rowdy males. They made taunts like: "In trouble again, are we Lu? Been a bad boy?" and "Wazamatta Lucie, lost your sparkle!?" One unwashed looking Wizard barked like a dog in reference to the choker around Lucius's neck, which sent the other haters into a cacophony of barking and roars of laughter, which then prompted another slightly cleaner, but brutal looking wizard to taunt "You ought to get a lead for that mate," strangely echoing Elliott's warning. By far the most insulting taunt, came from someone from the back of the crowd who shouted: "Wandless tosser!!" It made even some of the Ministry guards stop and look over.

Lucius wasn't the only one being verbally attacked. Some of the haters also jeered Elliott, shouting things like: "Doris when ya gonna get a proper job, ay love?" in mockery of Elliott's first name, which was Eudorus and sounded like the words 'ewe' (or 'you') and 'Doris' put together when pronounced in English. Some even made lewd sexual gestures at the Luthomequi. On top of everyone that was there, some street performers were there capitalising on the ready-made audience.

With everything going on, it was difficult getting through the boisterous throng. Those in support of Lucius were making it just as difficult for him to pass, by stopping him repeatedly to offer him well wishes, or asking for his wand mark (which of course he could not give without a wand) and two slightly hysterical young Witches even grabbed his cloak, causing him to spin around. It was lucky the girls had startled him, because blasts of wandfire went off quite suddenly and flew toward his head from the direction he now faced, just as he was turning. Lucius ducked just in time. The crowd scattered in terror. The attackers' visibilities were Magically cloaked and no one could tell exactly where the wandfire was coming from. Elliott cloaked himself immediately. Before Elliott could help him, Lucius was hit in the shoulder, throwing him backwards a few metres and then hit again in the chest. It was so sunny out and there were so many reflective surfaces around, that the Mirror Charms the assailants had cloaked themselves in worked well in both obscuring their locations and blinding the defence. The Police started throwing wandfire in the direction from which the fire was coming and after a while luckily managed to dissolve one of the Mirror Charms. Little Socrates came out of her hiding place in Lucius's breast pocket and because she was able to see the body heat from the other attacker who remained cloaked, flew towards her. Sander got to Lucius, threw his cape, which had a disillusionment charm on it, over Lucius, grabbed him up in his arms and disappeared in a streak into the Ministry. Socrates opened her little beak and a shocking jet of fire a few metres long blazed down on the second attacker. This caused the attacker to run, using heat shielding charms over her Mirror Charm to keep safe from the fire jet. Two of the other Luthomequi caught the slight, visual ripple the Mirror Charm caused as the attacker moved and charged toward it at the lightening speed their hybrid species possessed. They caught her, threw her to the ground and disarmed her all in a fleeting moment, but not before their armour had absorbed the scatter of stunning spells she had sent behind her. Perhaps this second attacker had sent such well-executed spells that their armour had been unable to shield them completely from the stuns, because she was somehow able to get away from the two amazingly strong man-horses, soon after they caught her. The first attacker wasn't so lucky and was taken in by the Ministry police.

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