Chapter 69 - Fairtrade

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Lucius and Sander stood in the valley staring at the mangled digger.

"What is it?" Sander asked.

"I don't, bloody know... Perhaps it is a Muggle automobile of some sort," answered Lucius. They both slowly turned their heads to see if the machine made any more sense looking sideways."Can you get someone to fix it? D'Estaing perhaps."

Sander looked very doubtful.

"Well we have to do something. She's ever so upset about it. I assured her it was just a scratch and that there was nothing to worry about. Apparently it belongs to some Muggle and he is coming to collect it. The poor girl was almost hysterical... It must be valuable. We will have to call one of the Elves."

However, before they could call the Elves, the farmer and his friend turned up with a flat bed truck... An hour or so later the farmer was driving down the road with the mangled wreck and a pair of the guards' redundant, high-powered motorcycles on the back of his friend's truck and a huge, huge grin across his face.

Problem solved.

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