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Well, Sh*t: a true story of Cancer, Prayer, and Emotional Shrapnel by myapapaya_adventures
Well, Sh*t: a true story of Mychal Sanders
For your consideration for the Wattys of 2017. Diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 25, I kept a journal through surgery and treatment, wrote humorous (or just unco...
  • 2017wattys
  • autobiography
  • ovarian
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Autobiography of the Human Mind by Hijabi-Soldier
Autobiography of the Human Mindby Tara Jadestone🌺
Inside the Human Mind in all its glory and insanity. "Whoever undertakes to write a biography binds himself to lying, to concealment... [Their] truth is not accessi...
  • cliff
  • human
  • letter
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Of INK, WIT and INTRIGUE Ebook and Paperback both available worldwide. by BridgeBridgewater
Of INK, WIT and INTRIGUE Ebook Bridge Bridgewater
‘Of INK, WIT and INTRIGUE, Lord Rochester, in Chains of Quicksilver',. formerly ‘Rochester Unveiled', has been PUBLISHED under the author name of Susan Cooper-Bridgewate...
  • 17c
  • restoration
  • mrsbarry
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Frozen pain by MeaHistoriaaa
Frozen painby Jonna
Grace McCarter. A girl who had a terrible lost. After everything she has to get her life back on track. It seems easy... But it is not. When Mace Diaz comes in her life...
  • life
  • pain
  • story
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Paper Wings by VioletEden
Paper Wingsby Lola
In a blink, paper wings from before and after join their hands-- to carry me off, to carry me away; to a country, where happiness is the medium; to a country, where tear...
  • happiness
  • maternal
  • love
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DALE'S BLOW JOB by gailrunschke
DALE'S BLOW JOBby Gail Runschke
An autobiographical winter narrative poem
  • snow
  • party
  • driveway
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dream journal by sheaiscake
dream journalby sheaiscake
this is a book of all my oddly creative, story driven dreams (at least the ones I can remember).
  • dreamjournal
  • luciddreaming
  • nightmares
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Autobiographical Narrative ; How my life was changed. by CallMeMickeyy
Autobiographical Narrative ; How Karena Rankin
  • autobiographical
  • creative
  • writing
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Spirits and Demons by StandingBear
Spirits and Demonsby StandingBear
Spirits and Demons is a true story that has been long in waiting to be written. James Michael's survival story is like no other, as the reader will discover. As the stor...
  • racism
  • wattpadprize14
  • waterbeds
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The Best of Me by Jamira11
The Best of Meby Jasmine
Some favorite poems that I have created.
  • television
  • chosen
  • award
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Tidbits by SheWhoLovesPineapple
Tidbitsby SheWhoLovesPineapple
Short works, school assignments, and freewrites that don't deserve to be their own book. I've ordered them from best to worst. This collection is also published on ficti...
  • shortstory
  • family
  • jrhigh
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Phases Upon Faces  by JewellyK
Phases Upon Faces by Jewel
A series of stanzas narrating the life a 17 year old girl that never fully had the chance to live, until she did.
  • abouttheauthor
  • narrative
  • lifestory
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  • autobiographical
  • comedy
  • junior
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Words Unspoken [FINISHED] by FairyChasing
Words Unspoken [FINISHED]by FairyChasing
A collection of poems created by yours truly.
  • wolf
  • enemies
  • wild
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Life; the unkind but the cherished by raquelevelyng
Life; the unkind but the cherishedby Raquel Evelyn
Centres itself around real life stories of myself and/or others that I am close to.
  • autobiographical
  • distance
  • illness
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veins: a collection of poems by stayoutofthenight
veins: a collection of poemsby nigel サイハテ
Poems of pain, of redemption, of relapse, and of reflection. Sensitive subjects are mentioned and often play a role in the theme of these poems, so proceed with caution.
  • autobiographical
  • poems
  • poetry
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Snippets of My Highly Chaotic Brain by sherinab
Snippets of My Highly Chaotic Brainby Luna
The rapid , quick , and somewhat disordered thoughts that are pumped by a 15 year old's neurons .
  • autobiographical
  • diary
  • rant
Dear Vicky by AvengeroftheBroken
Dear Vickyby AvengeroftheBroken
Vicky is the embodiment of everything and everyone who has ever hurt me. Enjoy the rant.
  • drama
  • rant
  • highschool
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Pencil Ramble by Opiumed
Pencil Rambleby Opiumed
We're I complain about anything and everything and try to act like I'm different.
  • truestories
  • pencils
  • autobiographical
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