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It's Just Us [🗸] by WinterHayleBlackburn
It's Just Us [🗸]by hayle burns
James Jones has always played life by the rules. He's calm, quiet and collected, but also a beast on the court and field, a fact that makes every teenager at T. Boulevar...
The Luck of Ezra Graham ✓ by ccreator
The Luck of Ezra Graham ✓by -ˏˋgreyˊˎ-
Ezra Graham is unlucky. Especially in the relationship department. He's always told by his exes that he's "too cold," "seemingly uninterested," and...
LGBTQ+ Memes by Payton_Elizabeth1
LGBTQ+ Memesby Payton
All of the very best LGBTQ+ Memes out there I plan to do many of the sexual orientations, genders, and things like that. Sad stuff may pop up here in there, but you know...
Precious Sins by Angel_Keys
Precious Sinsby Angel Jaxon (hiatus)
At 17 years old Adrien Aguilera is ready to take on his last year of high-school. But while trying to tackle a new school year with hard studying and homework, he has to...
LGBTQ Memes by Pan_Wolfie
LGBTQ Memesby Gay_Trash_:v
Just a book full of gay memes that I found in my gallery. Enjoy!
The Asexuality And Aromantic Spectrum And My Experiences by 5moreminutesmom
The Asexuality And Aromantic Lane
This is for the people who are really freaking confused about the asexuality and aromantic spectrum. I will go over the many, MANY orientations under the ace/aro umbrell...
LGBTQ+ by thetOastgiver101
LGBTQ+by Already Gone
This is about literally almost anything that has to do with being a member of the pride community or even people who just support it. This will include quotes, memes, ad...
Welcome Entanglements by KGBuchanan
Welcome Entanglementsby KGBuchanan
Sequel to Minor Delusions... How do you secretly get over someone? (Asking for a friend.) Pasithea "Tea" Johnson recently came to the conclusion that she is no...
Side Effects Of Having An Idiotic Best Friend ✔ by arodynamics
Side Effects Of Having An 𝙖.𝙢. ☽
#2 in Splendid Summer Series Simon Diaz and Oliver Quainton have one thing in common apart from their friendship of seventeen years: another idiotic best friend called...
THE BOOK OF LGBTQ+ by Onyx-Sullavan
THE BOOK OF LGBTQ+by *the one and only*
From jokes, to different ways to coming out, to advice for different genders or sexualities, to different problems of being that gender or sexuality, etc. This book is j...
When Hands Touch by toxicvism
When Hands Touchby akriti
Confused, chaotic and closeted. If you ask Milo Jiang to describe himself in three words, those are the words he would choose. Mostly because his vocabulary is extremely...
Freedom's Pyre [Libertas Series | Book I] ✓ by K_R_Wright
Freedom's Pyre [Libertas Series | KR Wright
Kit Derore is the brother of the Chosen One. He has known since he was young that his purpose in life is to protect his Mage brother - even if it costs him his life. Whe...
LGBT+ [Complited] by xelaa_ia
LGBT+ [Complited]by dominata
⚠️Only picture ⚠️
Thick and Thin by glassEyed
Thick and Thinby glassEyed
The higher the pedestal, the more difficult it was to maintain your footing. And greater was the fall. ~ a story of four invincible boys who aren't so invincible after a...
Darker Than Sin (BoyxBoy) Book 2 by emoboychronicles
Darker Than Sin (BoyxBoy) Book 2by 𝑏𝑙𝑎𝑘𝑒
James Lancaster is the son of the famous Gabriel and Luke Lancaster. Perfect grades, perfect looks, personality and anything in between. He's the star on his volleyball...
A Stolen Minute by Laurmani_My_Life
A Stolen Minuteby Laurmani
Before a major movie break Normani takes a vacation to relieve stress about the upcoming change in her life. A bump in with Lauren on the first day made her doubt, then...
The Fisherman's Greatest Catch (BoyxBoy) Book 2 by emoboychronicles
The Fisherman's Greatest Catch ( 𝑏𝑙𝑎𝑘𝑒
Peter Fischer is an average fisherman in his old, poor town. For years he's been supporting his family, following the same routine to keep the four of them alive. Wake u...
Collateral Damage by JiMoriartea
Collateral Damageby JiMoriartea
How difficult it is to actually know who you are? To tell the difference between the real you and the way the world gradually shaped a shell around you that all the peop...
For Some Reason I Love You. by ThyEmbodimentOfDEH
For Some Reason I Love ThyEmbodimentOfDEH
Jared even being the stubborn prick he is finally admits to falling in love with the complete opposite, Evan Hansen.