Chapter 58 - Drastic Measures

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Over the following days, Lucius watched Valentina closely. He became even more convinced she was planted by either the Ministry, or the papers. It wasn't as if he were doing anything he cared to hide. Contrary to popular opinion, he rarely did anything newsworthy in his personal life – or at least he hadn't, until he had started the affair with Justinia... (He wasn't doing anything objectionable in France at any rate.) She might even be there for some more sinister purpose; some enemy might have found where he lived! She gave him no choice. It would have to be the rattlemouse! He just hoped the shock didn't kill her – on the odd chance she was actually a Muggle at any rate.

After feeding and watering the animals, Valentina went inside. Lucius waited near her window and watched. (He had put the thing on the wall near the door so she would see it as soon as she went in.) He listened, trying to get a better view of what she was doing. He needed to be ready in case tragedy struck and her heart gave out. He felt increasingly guilty and worried about what he had done. Then he saw her rub her chest and he realised he shouldn't have done it. He was a treacherous person! Just as he was about to act, he heard her little high pitched squeal. Oh NO! It was too late!

Inside Valentina had found the small, brown bat that Lucius had put in her kitchen and was delighted – carefully taking hold of it at once. "Liiittle bat, who's a sweeeeeet little bat?" she asked, trilling her words and gingerly stroking the terrified creature's tiny, fluffy back, looking as pleased as if it were Christmas.

"UGGGH! Curse me down! What on Earth is wrong with her?!" Lucius griped.

He decided there was no way that Valentina could be a Witch: "No Witch in the world could be as strange as that – not even a Muggle-born."

And so Lucius left, contented in the knowledge he wasn't being spied on.

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