Chapter 17 - Thanks to Mis Granger

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Lucius's thoughts were with Hermione and what she had done for him in the short trip back to the London townhouse, where he would stay until the weekend. Review days always made him think about her and that last day of the second trial...

The Lovegood girl had tried, but she hadn't been successful, undoubtedly on account of her father's reputation for being a weirdo. She had apparently been convinced that the Wizengamot, in their infinite wisdom, would see that he had "cold, but kind eyes" and pardon him.

"Bless her," he tittered to himself aloud.

Potter's testimony had helped somewhat, but had also raised questions. And he had been subpoenaed both times and put under pressure. He could have given a more convincing testimony if he had simply tried a little harder to evaluate the obvious facts of what he had experienced, but he didn't.

On his good days (the days he wanted to live) Lucius felt quite hateful towards the boy: "Uhhh, uhhh, dunno. I'm not sure if Mr Malfoy saved me. I think he might'uv done, but maybe he was just there to aid y'know 'He-who-must-not-be-named,'" Lucius recollected scornfully, in a sort of common, Estuary accent in his head.

"Reeeally so my hand on yours and YOU miraculously fighting off one of the most powerful Wizards in history (while you were unconscious!) didn't give you a clue, did it?" Lucius continued inwardly, with the sneer of just how vexed he was, showing outwardly on his face.

There WERE others who came out of hiding to give their commendations, AFTER THE FACT, once he was out of danger (to serve themselves!)... Only the Granger girl had truly been good enough –strong enough– to risk helping him. It was her cleverness and bravery that had tipped the evidence overwhelmingly in his favour (although, he had no idea why she had done it – her of all people ). Her act of selflessness and bravery was the reason he was on 'Conditional Freedom' awaiting a final trial, instead of sitting in Azkaban with his back against the wall (or in a marble casket in the earth). Yes, he owed dear little Hermione Granger a great deal.

At the very same time, Hermione was back at her small flat again thinking about Lucius and about the events of that last day of Lucius's second Death Eater trial. It had happened only nine months prior.


Hermione Apparated to the employee's entrances of the Ministry. She had to go all the way to the old Central Archives in Scotland to get the supporting evidence she needed and had run into particularly annoying difficulties getting back. As bad luck would have it, there were problems with the flue networks all over mainland Britain that day and she ended up having to beg a friend from school, who also worked in the Ministry, to bend the rules and arrange a last minute Portkey back (spending pretty much all her small savings on it). Perhaps because of the haste in which it was prepared (or that her friend was only a junior in the Transport Office and didn't have the proper connections) it unfortunately landed her somewhere in the Midlands. Then her Apparition uncharacteristically faltered and she overshot, landing first in Greenwich, before finally landing at Embankment. (It was so close to the actual River Thames, it was scary!) She thought she was probably coming down with a cold and decided to run the rest of the way instead of taking the risk of mis-Apparating again and ending up even further away... She hoped and prayed all the way that she wasn't too late – that they hadn't passed the sentencing and the Dementors hadn't taken him.

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