Chapter 84 - Erotic Hand Gestures

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After only a couple shops, Lucius was ready for a break so they went to a Latin café to have refreshments. Arriving at the place, which seemed more like a tavern or club than a café, only made Lucius more nervous. She had suggested they stop for 'tea', but this wasn't a place for tea. It was just as well, he needed some alcohol – but he certainly hoped she wasn't going to ask him to dance! Did they seat themselves at this type of place, or did they wait for the person to come? (How one was supposed to know these bloody things, was beyond him!) Luckily Valentina knew what to do and took his hand, walking forward toward an empty table, without appearing to notice his anxieties.

"Is it good? (The café?) I like it here very much, they're very nice here." Valentina said, wondering if the music was too much and looking slightly anxious because Lucius's face was so blank.

Lucius forced a smile to reassure her. The café/club was nice enough, but being that it was his first day out as an official Muggle, he just wasn't sure what was expected of him. Going with Sander was bad enough. Now he felt as if he were being tested: As the man, did he order for both of them? Did he order everything they might want all at once? Or hot drinks first? Would it be rude if she ordered tea and he ordered alcohol? And when should it all be paid for? Perhaps it was more polite to allow HER to order as the lady.... Shouldn't they have discussed the menu in advance?

The waitress came over and she and Valentina smiled at one another warmly. Lucius was going to order a chamomile tea (not that he planned on drinking it, but it was a safe bet).

"Oh please can we have hot chocolates?" Valentina urged. "I know it's summer, but they have soya milk here," she gushed excitedly – as if that was supposed to be an incentive. Lucius nodded vaguely.

The smiling waitress returned shortly with two frothy, but rather carelessly prepared hot chocolates. Lucius watched while Valentina picked up her spoon, so he picked his up spoon. She held the spoon up, not very close to her face, but close enough as if she were trying to inspect it without anyone noticing (although Lucius noticed). Then casting an almost imperceptible glance of disapproval, put it down and pushed it to the side. Lucius did the same with his. It seemed like she put her nose to the cup for a moment before she put her lips to it, but Lucius was too concerned with his anxieties to really notice.

As they chatted, she absentmindedly dipped the pad of her ring finger into the chocolatey foam a few times and placed it between her lips, just a little into her mouth. He wasn't going to do that! How unnerving!

Holding his hand, from across the small table she caressed it: running all of her fingers at once over the back and inside of his whole hand and then intermittently stroking his fingers individually and his wrists. Was anyone watching this?!

"Your hands are sooo soft," she cooed and planted a soft kiss on the inside of his hand, just where his fingers met his palm. Then noticing a dab of chocolate at the end of his thumb (just at the side) gave it a little lick to clean it off, which ended with the thumb also getting a little kiss. Watching her put the tip of his thumb in between her lips (and the feel of it) gave him the surprise sensation of someone hitting him with a tiny Buzzer Jinx that shot from his stomach straight to a very inconvenient spot in his groin.

Was this the way Muggle woman behaved with their men in public? And did she think HE was HER man?! For starters she was holding and stroking his wand arm, which was rather a provocative enough thing to do in public – but kissing (and licking!) that was approaching pornographic by Wizarding standards! (Alright perhaps not 'pornographic,' but certainly more than a little indecent.) His heart raced forward a few beats, but from a combination of the lifelong habit of masking nervous feelings and the shock at how strongly the small, unexpectedly intimate action had aroused him, he automatically locked down all emotion from revealing itself in his face and posture. The result was the sort of cold countenance that most who knew Lucius in his previous life associated him with, but something Valentina –although she knew well that he could be shy and reserved– had so far not seen in him.

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