Aaron's Cooking Guide by AaronStringfellow
Aaron's Cooking Guideby Aaron Stringfellow
Welcome to Aaron's Cooking Guide. Aaron's Cooking Guide is here to give you a few tips & tricks about cooking and present you with new and creative recipes every week. I...
  • vegetables
  • vegetarian
  • cookies
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Heart of Steele by larawritestobe
Heart of Steeleby larawritestobe
*2018 Watty's Longlist* Recently graduated from college, Sawyer moves to Alabama in search of a job at her father's steel mill. Though the job could have been handed to...
  • workplace
  • cancer
  • bad
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Instagram; lh by cal_fromthehood
Instagram; lhby Katie Frey
in which a boy falls in love through pictures lowercase intended
  • calumhood
  • hemmings
  • socialmedia
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The Animal Holocaust  by missveganpanda
The Animal Holocaust by Nicole
End the animal holocaust and lies spread by the meat an dairy industry. Be vegan and spread the message. Thank you.
  • fit
  • animal
  • vegan
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It's a Poetry Affair | (Black BoyxBoy) A modern day love story by spokenword
It's a Poetry Affair | (Black spokenword
Temi, a 20 year old uni student, is a poet. He comes across a big idea - to create his own poetry event exploring themes of masculinity, love and Black Lives Matter. He...
  • cute
  • realistic
  • poem
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vegan diary by AndTheySay
vegan diaryby alex ♚
this is a personal story about how i got in shape and how I turned my life upside right. this "random" book is about my life and this is sorta like a diary as...
  • foods
  • vegan
  • love
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P I C T U R E @ B L U E by TokitoAmaru
P I C T U R E @ B L U Eby Tokito Amaru
KLH is a famous photographer, and the world is his playground. Ajala lives in New Delhi and knows nothing of the world till he opens her horizons with his lens. It's the...
  • artist
  • india
  • travel
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Simon Cowell + Gordon Ramsey | Precious by samaraabron
Simon Cowell + Gordon Ramsey | samaraabron
  • vegan
  • mafia
  • lovesimon
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S P A M (Lexi) by Madison-is-scared
S P A M (Lexi)by MadisonUsuallyPanics
Shoutouts, school rants, pretty much a normal rant book.
  • falloutboy
  • spongebobsquarepants
  • lolmoments
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Strawberry Milkshake & Cherries | ✔ by Im_a_READAHOLIC
Strawberry Milkshake & Cherries | ✔by farah ✨
In which a girl was labeled crazy and found her solace in cartoons-- --and a certain tattooed, pierced boy who was labeled as a freak. Shoutout to @N-infamous for this a...
  • cartoons
  • nomorebulling
  • projectwomanup
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Aina Meals by Ainameals
Aina Mealsby Aina Meals
Aina Meals is a meal prep service based out of Waialua, HI and we specialize in the preparation and delivery of healthy food. We have over 11 years of culinary experienc...
  • best
  • hawaii
  • vegan
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Awaken Me: Guide To Veganism by willowwolf10k
Awaken Me: Guide To Veganismby WillowWolf10k
A guide to help you on your vegan journey. Be sure to check out my other book VEGBATE where I discus the common excuses against Veganism to help educate people on what V...
  • healthy
  • selfgrowth
  • change
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tbh. || Lucas Jade Zumann by TheVerifiedFangirl
tbh. || Lucas Jade Zumannby Verified♡Fangirl
Sophomore Gaile Somers hated everything about herself: Her body and how it's proportions we're always off, her hair and how it's red and constantly curled and tangled...
  • mentalhealth
  • senior
  • vegan
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Sanctuary by Usako6290
Sanctuaryby Neko Nyanko
Maria is an adolescent and abused girl who escapes from her home to find a new one. On her way, she finds an animal sanctuary and decides to investigate. However, there...
  • escape
  • animals
  • action
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Why Am I Vegan? (Speech)  by societyofwords
Why Am I Vegan? (Speech) by Ella
I've written this speech to explore and inform you about why I'm vegan and the truth behind animal agriculture. I hope you take the time to read it and if you would like...
  • environment
  • animalwelfare
  • change
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Stuff that vegetarians should know by Suchabritishboy
Stuff that vegetarians should knowby The whitest boy to ever white
Hi. I'm Leo. I've been vegetarian for about 2 or 3 years. This book is just all of the stuff that I've learned about. I'm gonna cover everything including protein, diffe...
  • tofu
  • vegan
  • healthy
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veggie tales smut by bluesparklestarr
veggie tales smutby bluesparklestarr
bob x larry
  • faith-in-god
  • meme
  • boyxboy
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For fox sake by xBELLASxSECRETx
For fox sakeby xBELLASxSECRETx
when Ava meets Jack, her opinion of him isn't exactly high. He's a cocky, arrogant posh boy whose morals and opinions are the complete opposite to hers. The feeling is m...
  • novella
  • wattys2018
  • traditions
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Animals Deserve Respect: Stop Animal Cruelty by PraiseTheAnimals
Animals Deserve Respect: Stop Praise The Animals
There is no excuse for animal abuse!
  • vegan
  • vegetarian
  • cruelty
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