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Rhodoreef by SuVida777
Rhodoreefby Su Vida
𝟮𝟭𝘅 𝗙𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗨𝗥𝗘𝗗 · AMBYS 2023 WINNER · An Asian sci-fi retelling of The Little Mermaid that steers the tale you know in a whole new funky direction | An ambitious...
Forgotten Or Found •Billie Eilish• by c0kelover
Forgotten Or Found •Billie Eilish•by Kika
Childhood best friends, forgotten or found?
Komoreby by SuVida777
Komorebyby Su Vida
𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗬𝗦 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟮 𝗦𝗛𝗢𝗥𝗧𝗟𝗜𝗦𝗧 · EDITOR'S PICKS · AMBYS 2022 WINNER · A quirky Asian high school story fused with sci-fi, romance and mystery | A lonely, small...
unexpected -Dane DeHaan fanfiction- by macariok
unexpected -Dane DeHaan fanfiction-by macariok
What happens when Kim falls for the annoying yet cute new student Dane Dehaan. Will she let herself be taken away by his "charming" personality or will she den...
✔️ | Plan To A Healthy Lifestyle by KatelynAriana
✔️ | Plan To A Healthy Lifestyleby Kate Satler
This is a guide to help you achieve your fitness goals. From loosing weight to getting your body toned, everything you need to know is here. Give it a Vote, Share and C...
Ask the 2p!FACE Family by flyingmintpuppy
Ask the 2p!FACE Familyby TisAName
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ask the 2p!FACE Family! You can ask any question you want. I have no limits. Go wild! :3 I OWN NOTHING BUT MYSELF AND MAH WRITING.
The Element: Thea's Thereafter  by bonnie_a_clyde
The Element: Thea's Thereafter by 🅑🅞🅝
"All the best recipes have three things in common: Magic, Love, and Chocolate." My name is Thea Frost. I'm just your average girl. Except, that I am a healer...
Imagine jerking off in space by yeastinfection
Imagine jerking off in spaceby Lingling
This is about how I am a vegan and about my vegan lifestyle and how I am also a vegan feminist **TRIGGERING WARNING** - SMUT PROBABLY - OTHER THINGS I'm vegan
That Vegan Teacher x Gordon Ramsey x Queen Elizabeth ( UPDATE SOON ) by GoogledUser69
That Vegan Teacher x Gordon Intellectual Idiot
A dramatic love story, filled with red (blood and romance) - - A summer morning, Miss Katie moves to Britain, as she was there she met Gordon Ramsey and the British Que...
Vegan Akito x Emo Gurl Toya by CurrentlyAsleepZzZz
Vegan Akito x Emo Gurl Toyaby Neko-Sensei
This is a very totally wholesome fanfic about project sekai! it started with gartic phone, and well... now we have an entire plot for this story and so I decided to post...
veggie tales by bluesparklestarr
veggie talesby Cellie
bob x larry super yummy
Queen Cheryl x Vegan Teacher by ilikeiceverymuch
Queen Cheryl x Vegan Teacherby Mr Oqueef
This is a love triangle story between Queen Cheryl, King Quran and Vegan Teacher
prince phillip x reader  by RatFleasXx
prince phillip x reader by Rat Fleas
what happens when prince phillip walks into your church one day, stinky and agressive and begins threatening all of the women.... you know you shouldn't be around him y...
ThatVeganTeacher x Reader by questionsnotanswers
ThatVeganTeacher x Readerby Melvin
As much as you hate this woman.. You start catching feelings for her. Will she be your soulmate? (THIS IS A JOKE LMAO)
I watch the moon~ (A Theveganteacher x Queen Cheryl Fanfic.) by kareylshipper
I watch the moon~ (A kareylshipper
Cheryl and her husband Quarn had a perfect relationship despite their huge age gap they still love each other. Until one day Cheryl finds out that Quran is cheating on h...
Saved by the vegan teacher  by melsmars6
Saved by the vegan teacher by melsmars6
A tragic love story between trump and the vegan teacher
99+1 homemade meals  by 12kuntu
99+1 homemade meals by Gyapong Jocelyn
I'm here to make cooking easy and simple for you From my experience in the kitchen and doing a professional course in cookery and a secret course ( don't tell anyone) i...
Cheryl×Vegan teacher by The_good_bunny
Cheryl×Vegan teacherby The_good_bunny
so Cheryl falls in love with vegan teacher... once you read you'll know more!!
Daddi prime x reader  by Hellohappydodge
Daddi prime x reader by daph Draws
Hot and smexy daddi prime Kinda a joke kinda not Could trigger people Hornynes, choking, death, Fannie talk, cheating
Vegan Additives In Vegan Salami by aceingredients
Vegan Additives In Vegan Salamiby aceingredients
As a transglutaminase manufacturer, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.