Plan To A Healthy Lifestyle by KatelynAriana
Plan To A Healthy Lifestyleby Katelyn Satler
This is a guide to help you achieve your fitness goals. From loosing weight to getting your body toned, everything you need to know is here. Give it a Vote, Share and C...
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That's My GRANDE by Sphynxxxy
That's My GRANDEby Sphynxxxy
Read it and find out ;) I'm sure y'all Camriana and Camren shippers will enjoy it. ⚢ There's other ships in this book too. l o l~* P.S. I'm not the BEST writer, but I g...
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Instagram; lh by cal_fromthehood
Instagram; lhby Katie Frey
in which a boy falls in love through pictures lowercase intended
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Ghost by Kaidensmommy08
Ghostby Shayla
Lucy was just a normal girl who lived her life one fight at a time as fearless as they come . Going to college hanging out with her friends until one night her path cros...
  • mafia
  • ruthless
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VEGAN RECIPES AND YUMMIES by vegan_girl_2002
These are some yummy vegan recipes. Some of these are pretty easy, but some are a little more complicated. I don't own all of these recipes. I got them from my mom's rec...
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Band Aesthetic Shop by SykopathicHorizon
Band Aesthetic Shopby ❝Брустова офіцер❞
I'm tired of making edits for nothing. <3
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Vegan life by inspired_fandoms
Vegan lifeby inspired_fandoms
Vegan guide, hacks, and tips. ?
  • tips
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A Vegan Life by LittleLunnixLight
A Vegan Lifeby Lunnix
All things Vegan // will change and update at random
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tbh. || Lucas Jade Zumann by TheVerifiedFangirl
tbh. || Lucas Jade Zumannby Verified♡Fangirl
Sophomore Gaile Somers hated everything about herself: Her body and how it's proportions we're always off, her hair and how it's red and constantly curled and tangled...
  • mentalhealth
  • dieting
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Fun Vegan Recipes  by sailormewmew
Fun Vegan Recipes by sailormewmew
Whether you're vegan or not these recipes are sure to satisfy your taste buds! From sweets to savory foods this book has it all! Also if you want to request a recipe f...
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Mates, Dates and ♥♡♥ Inflatable Bras. Book 1 by Makayla_Glory
Mates, Dates and ♥♡♥ Inflatable Shekinah Glory Sakala
I flopped on the beanbag next to her. I felt happy. Iz and me. Me and Iz talking about stuff and Iz predicting my future. 'What does it say, Madam Rose?' 'Oh interesting...
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Strawberry Milkshake & Cherries | ✔ by Im_a_READAHOLIC
Strawberry Milkshake & Cherries | ✔by farah ✨
In which a girl was labeled crazy and found her solace in cartoons-- --and a certain tattooed, pierced boy who was labeled as a freak. Shoutout to @N-infamous for this a...
  • projectwomanup
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Girl Fieri by KayleeTheLoser
Girl Fieriby KayleeTheLoser
I thought we were over. I thought we were done. I thought I hated him, but then everything changed. Everything I used to hate about him drew me in. His sunglasses that h...
  • love
  • girlfieri
  • lovetriangle
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My Dinner Betrayed Me by IJMorales
My Dinner Betrayed Meby I.J. Morales
It was a lie, but it was a delicious lie. The story of the last VHS store in a small town that sells hot dogs with a secret. My entry for #writewithzo
  • teenfiction
  • food
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DrugAddict(Alexy) Baby Boy  by fxck-your-faith
A Hot Summer by ShelleyIn
A Hot Summerby Shelley Iñón
It is the summer of The Great Shift. A media witch hunt has begun, tracing everyone responsible for misleading the public about human induced climate change. Nate Richa...
  • newzealand
  • badboy
  • summerromance
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Why Am I Vegan? (Speech)  by societyofwords
Why Am I Vegan? (Speech) by Ella
I've written this speech to explore and inform you about why I'm vegan and the truth behind animal agriculture. I hope you take the time to read it and if you would like...
  • environment
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the day the feminists attacked me by Pimpychan
the day the feminists attacked meby ethan man
Now this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute Just sit right there I'll tell you how I got attacked by a bunch o...
  • vegan
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Call her Jagiya | BTS | RM by I_am_Noku
Call her Jagiya | BTS | RMby Noku L'Phang
Namjoon. Senzi. Ilbae. That Thanda can handle. Crazy fan girls who believe that Namjoon is theirs and theirs alone. Thanda finds that a bit more difficult. Thanda is bei...
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