Chapter 11:breaking point

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After shopping with the guys, I crashed on the couch with them following my movements. I groaned as I curled up next to Leon "im sleepy. Take me to bed." I sighed to him with a five-year old pout face, he groaned and said "do i really have to?" I nodded my head, and as he got down so if would get on his back I could see Cole starring at me, as I looked over at him I saw that he had the look of jealous on his face. I smiled and reached my hand out to him to follow Leon to my room, he got up as Leon carried me and we were in my room in seconds. Leon put me on my bed and as the two we're leaving my room all I could think is that I was the luckiest girl in the world.

I woke up and found that the whole house was quiet, I got up and went downstairs to see if anyone was awake, I went into the living room to see Cole gone and Leon talking on the phone "what's wrong?" I mouthed to him, he mouthed back "not now, tell you later." I shrugged it off and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. I was eating cereal when Leon came in and said "I need to leave, this was a bad idea in the first place." I looked at him confused 'what's wrong.' I wrote down "I've been in some deep shit, I shouldn't have come here it's to risky for you. Damn it why did I had to be so stupid." Leon said as he walked over to the front door and opened it "bye Dakota, don't get into any trouble while I'm away." He said with a smile, but that smile disappeared as a gun shot was heard and blood was splattered on my face, I looked to see that Leon was shot in the side. As he fell to the ground I couldn't help but scream, I fell next to his head.

I put is head in my lap and used my voice for the first time and said "you're gonna be okay." As I comforted him. I got my phone from my pocket and called 911. As we waited Leon said "I haven't heard you talk since we were kids, you voice is comforting." He smiled a warm loving one and I couldn't help but smile back " you can't leave me, I love you too much to let you go." I said as tears came to my eyes, " I'm not going to leave you, I promise you that." He said before she started to cough up blood.

The ambulance finally showed up and took Leon onto the car with me behind them. All I could do was cry and hold his hand, when we got to the hospital they took him into a room and told me to wait out here.

~•~•~•~ 4 hours later ~•~•~•~•~
The doctor came out of the room I last saw Leon and went straight up to me "are you Dakota?" He asked me with a straight face, I nodded my head nervously " your boyfriend is asking for you, you may visit him." I ignored the fact that he thought that me and Leon were dating and went running into the room.

When I saw Leon laying on the hospital bed, I almost broke down, he had huge bandages on his side and needles in both of his arms. I ran over to him and hugged him tightly, scared if I let go he would be gone forever. "I thought that I lost you." I said with my voice cracking, "well you didn't loose me, so stop the water works." He said with a smile "you know I hate when you cry and it's because of me."

That day I turned off my phone and spent the day with Leon. And at night I slept on a chair that was beside his bed, I couldn't leave his side thinking over and over again that I will lose him.

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