Chapter 13: kidnapped

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I gasped as I woke up from my sleep to see that I was in a cement room with no windows, I was tied to a chair both my hands and feet "somebody helps me!!!" I yelled out knowing it was useless, until the metal door that I didn't notice opened and out came a guy that was about Leon's age "your awake." He said closing the door and heading over to me "do you know why your here?" He asked me, I shook my head 'no' knowing my voice will just stumble out words, "well your friend Leon, isn't what you thank he is." The guy said to me "and why is that?" I said quietly "because your friend is the leader of the 2nd best mafia gang out there and he kinda owes us money, now we already shot him giving him a warning, but I guess it had to be the hard way." The guy said with a smile "what dose that mean?" I asked with fright in my eyes "I'm means that we're going to torcher you until he gives us what he owes." As the guy said that claws came out of his hand and he scratched my face with them causing blood to appear, I gasped as I felt the blood trickle off my face "oh and plus your the alpha's mate in another pack is a win, because I get more land and money, who would have ever thought that you would be worth that much." Said the guy "what do you mean, by alpha and pack?" I asked bitting down on my cheek "oh yeah your a human and so is Leon, I totally forgot, I'm impressed by the alpha that he hasn't told you." He said with a smile

Leon's pov
I laid in the bed of the hospital, waiting for my kota bears to get back until my phone ringed on the side table. "Hello?" I answered with a Stern voice that my father taught me to use "boss we have trouble, the drug brothers that say we owe money just sent us a message." My second in charge told me, "what did they say?" I asked knowing it was going to be bad.

The drug brothers were always trouble and I had business with them in the past before and let me just tell you that was the worst idea ever. The recording started to play on the phone as I stayed silent "hey old friend I have something to tell you, you know that girl what's her name Dakota, we'll you see we have the pretty lady and we won't let her go until we get land and 5 million in cash, if we don't have a deal, 5hen I guess the pretty lady will stay with us." The recording ended and I couldn't help but clench my phone in my hands "Justin I need you to bring the crew to where I am, I'm going to get some help." I said to Justin and then hung up. "Ugh werewolves, there too much." I said to myself as I got out of the bed, I knew about the wolves since I was little and I kept kota safe from them until now, I was super protective over her when I was little because I was scared to lose her. Cute right? Not.

I dialed in the number for Cole and waited for him to answer, two rings until I heard the voice of my friends 'mate' "hello?" He asked with a cold voice "kotas in trouble and I need help to get her back." I got straight to the point knowing we both didn't like each other that much after he tried choking me, but failed because of kota. I heard silence on the other end so I rolled my eyes and continued "meet me at the pack house in the hidden room." I said not waiting for him to reply I hung up and started on my way to the pack house.

When I got to the pack house, there was no one outside. The place looked dead, but when I knocked on the door Cole was the one who answered "come in, we need to talk now." He said with a straight face, 'is he not worried about Dakota at all, why is he acting like this is business, I swear I'm going to kill him one day.' I thought to myself as we walked into his office, when we got there he closed the door and I sat in a chair. "Please tell me you know where she is." Cole said sitting behind his desk "if I knew where she was I wouldn't need you." I said with Venom "but I knew who took her, the drug brothers, they want land and money." I said to him "me and my snipers can take out the guards, then I need your men to come into the office of the brothers and hold them hostage until I find Dakota, deal?" I explained the plan to him since in know the inside out of that warehouse, since my brother used to be a guard there a long time ago.

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