Chapter 4:sleep

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Cole's pov

After the movie ended I looked over to see Nikki and Jess fast asleep, and then I saw Dakota asleep as well. I got up and went over to Dakota to see she was cuddling with her dog, I signed 'you can't just leave her here, take her to your room.' My wolf said 'yeah good idea, so she can hate me more.' I said back to my wolf 'just sleep on the ground and let her sleep in your bed.' Cage said back 'fine.' I said as I picked her up slowly, leaving her dog on the couch with the other girls.

As I put Dakota on my bed, I tucked her in so she could be warm. But all of a sudden she woke up from sleep and looked around her for.something "where's Oreo?" Was all she wrote on my hand "he's downstairs, I'll go get him." I said as I went to the door "yes, please." She said as she laid back down

'Why dose she loves that dog so much?' I asked cage as I walked downstairs 'I don't know but maybe you should asked her tomorrow.' He said. I grabbed Oreo and went back upstairs, I put the dog on my bed as he automatically cuddled up to Dakota as she wrapped her arm around him. I got on the floor with a pillow and one blanket.

As I fell asleep, I inhaled the air which held my mates scent all around. But before I went to sleep I could hear Dakotas soft breathing, making sure she was comfortable.

As I laid on the floor, I couldn't fall asleep for nothing. 'Maybe we can lay with her for just a bit.' Cage said with a whine, 'I guess that wouldn't hurt to just lay there for a little while.' I thought. I got up from the floor and quietly got into the bed, as I started to drift into sleep I actually felt calm.

I woke up to an ears piercing scream, I got up to quick and fell on the floor. I got up to see Dakota wide awake and Oreo in front of her ready to attack Me. I looked around the room to see if there was any harm, but nothing was in the room. 'Why was I in bed with you!?' She wrote down on her hand, I rubbed behind my neck and said nervously " I couldn't go to sleep, so I thought that I could just lay in bed, but not next to you." 'I'm going back to my house, goodnight.' She wrote on my hand, "no, please stay Its late, and u don't want you to get hurt." I said

'Okay.' She wrote "I'll sleep in my sisters room, okay?" I said as I exited the room "God im so stupid." I whispered under my breath as I went into Nikki's room. I went sright to sleep as I smelled the scent of my mate on me.

I woke in the morning, by the sun shining in my eyes and laughter of people downstairs. As I headed to kitchen, I saw all three girls sitting on the island eating breakfast laughing but the laugh that caught me the most was Dakota's, her laugh sounded angelic. "Hey, what to guys talking about?" I asked as I got something to eat "oh, Dakota told us a funny story of how Oreo found a snake and brought into the house still alive. And her mother screamed her lungs out." Nikki said as she giggled, Dakota stifled a laugh and wrote on a paper 'I should go, my t.v. is calling my name.'

I smiled at her little joke and said "I can drive you home if you want, you can't just walk home in the cold." She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head 'no', I frowned and asked "why not?" 'I feel like walking, I don't live that far away.' She wrote "at least let me walk with you." I said with a hopeful look 'why?' She wrote "I don't know, i just want to." 'No, its fine.' she wrote as she went to the front door with Oreo by her side.

I haven't seen Dakota after that, but today's Monday and I'll  be able to see her at school, as me and Nicki walked into the school I could smell my mates beautiful scent, "so, what's with you and kota?" Nikki asked as we walked towards her scent, "kota?" I asked as the cute nickname she made for her "yeah, you know I make nicknames for everyone." She said as I saw kota, I saw as she looked at me and started to fast walk into the sea of students. "What did you do to her?" Nikki asked as she gave me the death glare. "I don't know." As I said that, the slut of the pack came up to me kissing me on the mouth, then whispered in my ear "want to have a quick one in the janitors closet." I growled just thinking of cheating on Dakota, even if she is ignoring me. "Back off slut, he's taken." My sister said pulling me away from her  "who is she?" The slut asked "why should I tell you?" Nikki said  "because, I can compare myself to her." She said putting her hand on her hip.

"It's the new girl." Nikki said "that mute girl, are you serious?" She said with a laugh "I didn't know you go that low." She said with a smile. I could feel my wolf trying to break out and show her how low she is, but I held back and said to her "Dakota will always be better than you even if she is mute." I walked away with my sister following me as the slut stood there shocked. "You have first class with her, ask her what's wrong then." Nikki said "and if that doesn't work I have Some classes  with her." 

As I went into the classroom Dakotas scent hit me in the face, I looked to see that she was in her usual seat that sat in front of me.

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