chapter 7: movies

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After we finished new moon, we started another movie, and then another one and another one. Before we knew it, the sun had already gone down.

I got my biggest blanket out and put it on all of us as we moved onto the movie the dark Knight, I love this movie because it has Batman and joker and Heath ledger was so good in this movie, 'I wish I could marry Heath ledger, he was such a good actor.' I wrote down and showed to Nikki "I would marry him too." She said with a smile. I looked over to see Cole looking at the both of us "who do you want to marry?" 'He said with a hint of anger "Heath ledger, he's hot and a good actor.' I wrote down and showed him, I looked at his face and saw that his pretty dark blue eyes where now pitch black and he made a murderous animal growl.

I was shocked and scared at the same time, I could tell it was written on my face, because Cole looked at me and his eyes turned back to its dark blue as his face softened. "We should go." Nikki said as she stood up, 'you guys don't have to.' I wrote down 'it's nice to have you guys over.' "Fine, we'll stay. Just because your my best fiend." Nikki said as she got comfortable on the couch.

Time passed and it was time to go to bed, 'you can borrow some of my pajamas.' I wrote to Nikki "okay, but let's change in your room" she said with a smile. I nodded and headed to my room.

As I handed her a huge shirt and sweat pants, I grabbed a huge shirt that went to my knees and put it on. "Why do you have so many huge shirts? " Nikki asked as she smelled the shirt "and it smells like a dudes Cologne." ' I have a friend, he spent the night at my house all the time and always left hi clothes here and I always stole his clothes too.' I wrote down "that's cute." Nikki said with a smile. 'Yeah, he's super sweet.' I wrote down with a smile.

After our conversation, me and Nick I went back downstairs to show Cole where he will be sleeping. 'You can sleep in the guest room, if you need anything my rooms just across the hall.' I wrote down as I showed Cole the room. "Thanks." He said as he went into the room "goodnight." Nikki said as I waved to him with a smile.

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Sorry so short just that u really wanted to get to the next chapter

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