Chapter 5:party

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Dakota pov

Dakota's dress on right, and Nikki's dress on the left.

I've been avoiding Cole, I heard that he's a player and that he slept with all the girls in the school. These girls were talking about it as I went to my locker, I thought as I opened my locker 'maybe he's just being nice and talking to me to get into my pants, since I was the new girl at school.'

I went to my class and sat in my seat, I got out my book that I was reading and started where I left off. As I got father into my book I could feel someone starring at me, I looked up to see Cole starting at me as he headed to the seat behind me. I signed and went back to my book, the book was the perks of being a wallflower. The book was about three friends that didn't fit in, I wish I could have friends that were like me, instead of being along.

As the book got to an interesting part, I got brought back to reality by someone taps me on the shoulder. I turned around to see that it was Cole who taped me, "what book are you reading?" He asked, I wrote down what it was and turned back to the book. 'God I love how Patrick was not afraid to be himself, unlike me I just cover up my feelings.' I thought as I starred into space.

When it was lunchtime, I went and got my lunch and started to go the exit, until Nicki came up to me and pulled me to a table with other girls. "Dakota, where do you go for lunch?" Nikki asked 'the library.' I wrote down as I pulled out my book "that's cool, I used to go there... oh my God, you're reading my all time favorite movie, have you seen it yet?" Nikki screeched like a little girl, I shook my head no to the answer "we so gotta watch it tonight, how about your place for the movie." She said with a huge smile on her face, I nodded and smiled with her.

After school, I went outside and waited for, I saw her come out of the school and run up to me "hey, is it okay if my brother drives us to your house?" She asked with a small smile, I signed and nodded yes to let her know. As if on time, Cole walked out of the school with his group of friends, he smiled as he looked at me and left the group of poplar "hey, what are you guys doing?" He asked us, I looked away from him and starred at my phone, seeing if I had anything new on there. "Oh nothing much, I'm just going to kota's house and watching a movie." She said, I looked up at her as I heard the new nickname she called me "well, why don't you guys to the party tonight that kegan's throwing." He said with hopeless in his voice "yeah, we would love to go!" Nick said super hyped, I shook my head furiously. But she ignored it and pulled me to Cole's car.

After our movie that we watched at my house, we went to her house since I had no dresses. When we got there Cole was on the couch passed out "ugh, he's asleep again!!" Nikki said as she went over to him and slapped him right in the face, it was a hard slap to as it echoed through the
house. I covered my mouth as he groaned and went back to sleep, I couldn't stop the laugh that was come. I started die of laughter as Nikki started to laugh with me next thing I know, Cole is now awake and starring at me as I laughed.

Nikki pulled me up the stairs as I still had the fits of giggles, child started to chase us until we made it to her room and closed the door. "He's going to wait at the door until we open it, so mine as well get us dressed up." She said with a smile. I was dressed in a short black, while Nicki wore a blue dress that fit her well.

Nikki did my hair and make-up. After we were all done, we looked in the mirror and saw that I looked smoking hot. Nikki opened the door to see that Cole was standing there, with a surprise look on his face "I know we look hot!" Nikki said with a smile.

When we got to the party, the place was full of people. Nikki jumped out of the car and pulled me out to, I wrote on her hand 'I been never to a party before.' She looked at me and said "you haven't ?" I shook my head no, well just stay close to me or Cole. ' I'll stay with you.' I wrote "okay then, let's party!!" Making everyone in the front yard yell too, I smiled as I looked at my crazy new best friend.

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