Chapter 9:fight

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Cole's pov

It was Monday, meaning school. I haven't seen Dakota since yesterday, I think she's mad me. I thought to myself as I tried to work on alpha studies as my dad sat across from me at his desk, working on rogue checks and to see if other alpha's need help.

I cleared my throat as I was about to say that I had a mate, I have been thinking about how to tell him for the last hour "uh, dad I need to tell you something." I paused to see if he would answer "yes what is it son?" He asked as he looked away from the papers and to me. "I... I found my mate." I said with hesitation, "when did you find her?" He asked, I thought back and said "two weeks ago." "Did you tell your mother yet?" He asked me as a sly smile spread across his face, my mouth dropped open as I forgot about my mother. My mother will give me hell if I tell her that I knew my mate for two weeks. Oh goodness help me now.

Dakota's pov

I woke up to see Leon next to me fast asleep, we used to do this a lot when we were little. I poked his face as I starred at him, he groan and said as he woke up "kota bear, let me sleep it's too early."  'I'm hungry, can we get something out to eat.' I signed to him. I sat up and  saw that  Oreo was sleeping between me and Leon "yeah Oreo, got between us and fell asleep." Leon said as he got out of my bed, I pointed to my wrist to ask what time it was "uh, it's 10:15 why?" He said, I shot up and went to my closet to pick out something to wear 'I have school.' I sighed to Leon "why don't you just skip today, like we used to do when we used to go to our old school, and we could get something good to eat today and explore the town." He said as he got a shirt from my closet.

I smiled at that idea and nodded my head. "Okay where should we go first?" He asked me 'breakfast, I'm super hungry right now.' I sighed to him "me too."

~~~~~~time skips to dinner~~~~~
       Me and Leon have been busy today, all we did was go to shops that we never went to before, there was lots of native American stores. Me and him got necklace that matched, it was a wolfs face. Then I got a book on tribe story's and creatures. After that Leon took me to this fancy restaurant and we ate the best food ever, 'have I ever told you that your the best est friend in the whole world?' I signed to him "I know I am." He said with a smile 'God your weird, but I love you.' I signed " I love you too." Leon said as he kissed I head.

Cole's pov

"Dakota hasn't been at school at all today, what if she got hurt or kidnapped." I said to Nikki "calm down she's probably skipped today, since her friend is in town." She said to me, today I sat at Nikki's table today to talk to her about kota it was lunchtime right now. "That's even worse." I said with a growl "why don't you just go to her house and see if she's okay." Nikki said as she took a bite of her salad. "Good idea." I said as I got up from the table "I'm going with, if the dudes there I don't want you to kill him." Nick I said with a smile.

When we made it to Dakota's house, I tried to calm down, because I could smell his scent all over the house. When we knocked on the door I think the dudes name was Leon opened the door, he looked at the both of us and yelled " hey Dakota baby, your friends are here!" 'Did he just call our mate baby?' My wolf asked as I felt my eyes get darker, but then I saw kota in a dress that looked very beautiful on her "you look nice." I said to her. She did some sign language and Leon said "thanks me and Leon just got back from dinner, he bought us matching necklaces." She pulled out her necklace and Leon pulled out his as well "calm down Cole." Nikki said through mind-link "are you guys dating?" I asked holding back a growl, kota blushed and shook her head no, as Leon looked over to her and smiled as she blushed.

At that point I lost control as my wolf took over, he let out a snarling growl then tackled Leon to the floor. He was strong for a human, but not strong enough.

Dakota's pov
I watched as Cole and Leon fought for no reason, I couldn't help to hold my tears back any longer as I started to cry. This brought me back to when Leon got into a fight with a guy at school for me, even though he didn't go to my school. I cried because he got a swollen eye and a bloody nose, but the other guy had to go to the hospital.

I couldn't stop crying, even after they stopped fighting, because of my crying. "Hey, it's okay, we stopped fighting." Cole said to me, I ran upstairs and looked my door as I hid in my bathroom with the sink running water, so I don't have to hear them knocking on my door.

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