Chapter 6

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Cole's pov

When we got inside the house, there was a dance floor with people dancing on it. I looked over to see that Nikki and kota wasn't by me anymore, I started to look around worried that someone would hurt my mate "Nikki where are you guys" I mind-linked her "where in the kitchen taking shots with kegan." She mind-linked back, I made it to the kitchen to see that they were doing shots. I went over to see that Nikki was still sober but kota looked a little weird, she ran out of the room and into a nearby bathroom. I ran after her and saw that she was puking.

I went over to her and held her hair up as she puked more "have you ever dranked before?" I asked she was done, she shook her head no. "How much did you drink?" I asked her, she held up four fingers 'wow four shots, not that bad for a first time.' She got up and went back to the kitchen with me following her, she got herself a beer and poured it into a solo cup.

After about five beers later, she was drunk and so was Nikki but she had like forty shots so. We got to my house without them puking in my car, when I opened the door though they both ran to the bathroom. I went in there to see kota puking in the toilet and Nikki puking in the sink, they both went to bed on the couch.

I signed as I watched kota sleep 'she looked so peaceful' I thought, but then that all need when she woke up and ran to the bathroom with me running after her. But she closed the door on me, and I kinda panicked and slammed the door open to see a peeing Dakota, but then came four words that I thought she could never saw " get out you perv!" She covered her mouth after she said that and looked at me. I closed the door quick and slid to the ground 'I knew that she could speak!' Cage celebrated "why couldn't she tell me?" I whispered to myself.

Kota came out a couple minutes later, without looking at me she raced to the front door "wait!" I yelled as I ran to her, but I was too late, she was already out the door. I ran after her as she ran to her house "wait, Dakota please stop running. I just want to talk!" I yelled out to her as she made it into her house.

I knocked on her door and said "kota, why didn't you tell me you could speak, I thought you were mute this whole time.Kota, please open the door." I sighed as I walked away from the door and went up to the second floor window, opening it quietly.

I entered the house to see I was in a room, it had my mates smell all over it "this must be her room." I whispered to myself, I exited her room and went to the staircase. I heard noises that sound like the TV was on, I went down the stairs slowly to make sure not to make a noise. When I was in the hallway, I stuck my head out to see that kota was fast asleep on the couch with Oreo by her side. I sighed and went over to her, I moved the hairs that were on her face.

I started to watch some TV as kota slept, then Dakota leaned into me as she sighed. I couldn't control my wolf anymore, and he took over. As I watched, cage turned off the TV and picked up kota slowly, not trying to make any noise he went up the stairs and into her room. Cage put Dakota onto the bed and took off his shirk and pants, leaving me in my boxers. Cage slipped into the covers with kota right beside me, I pulled her into my chest and breathed in her breathtaking scent. I fell asleep with my mate in my arms.

Dakota's pov

I woke up with a huge weight on my waist and a big huge hangover, and a full bladder. 'God, Oreo is getting super fat, or super big.' I thought as I reached down to my waist to grab the pup, but then I felt fingers. I turned my head to see Cole without a shirt, I moved his huge hand from my waist and got out of my bed 'how did he get into the house, should I call the police?' Then it hit me 'I'll text Nikki.'

I got my phone from my dresser and went into the bathroom, I sat on the floor as I texted Nicki.
Kota: hey Nicki your brothers at my house.

Nikki: what! Why is he there?

Kota: idk, all I remember is getting home by myself.

Nikki: okay, I'll come get him

I exited the bathroom and went downstairs to the kitchen, then I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to see Nikki "where is he?" She asked as she walked in, I pointed upstairs and waved her to follow me, we headed to my room and when we got there, Cole was still fast asleep.

Nikki went over to the sleeping Cole and smacked him straight in the face, he woke up immediately and stood straight up from my bed, as he gave Nikki the death glare I looked to see that he was only in his boxers, I tapped Nikki on the shoulder and pointed to Cole's boxers. She looked where I was pointing at and yelled "what the hell is wrong with you, you don't know how to take care of your mate. God did you even tell mom or dad, before you break into her house and strip and sleep next to her. Your such an idiot!" And then Cole said "at least I wasn't naked." My face heated up real quick of the thought of him naked in my bed.

"Oh God, no." Nikki said as she closed her eyes.


After Nikki got Cole to leave my house, I watched a movie with Oreo, the movie was New moon from twilight I know it's a super joke about Edward being a sparkling vampire, like seriously their was so many options and they chose sparkling. But I like this one because 1. Jacob is super hot and 2. The werewolves are awesome!!

When I got to the part where Jacob is fighting Paul in wolf form there was a knock at the door. I frowned as I paused my movie and went to open the door, I open the door to see Nikki and Cole "this doofis wanted to see you, can we come in?" She asked, I nodded and moved aside so they can come in. "Nice outfit." Cole said, I looked Down to see that I was in short shorts and a really tight tank top. We went into the live room and sat down on the couch with Nikki and Cole at the ends and me in the middle "where you watching twilight?" Nikki asked with a smile, I nodded my head showing her the empty case "new moon this is my favorite one." She said 'isn't Jacob so hot?' I wrote down on paper "yes! He's so hot!" Nikki said

After our fan girl moment with Jacob, we played the movie of where Jacob and Paul where fighting.

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