Chapter 14: the plan

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Leon's pov
It's the second day since Dakota went missing and it starting to take an effect me, because I haven't slept since she got kidnapped.

I went into Cole's office to see him in his desk chair with bags under his eyes, 'I probably look the same as him.' I thought to myself "why don't you just let me save her, we have the plan and the guys she's probably getting torched right now because of you!" I yelled at him, letting all the emotions bottled up out. Then I heard that growl and this time I'd didn't want to hold back.

I pulled out my switch-blade and said "come on, I've fought with werewolves before, and I would be glad to beat you." I said with a smile, he made one of those annoying growls and lunged himself at me. I pushed him off of me and sliced his cheek, making the thick blood run down his face. Cole put his hand up to his wound making blood come off onto his finger "you call that a scar, that's barely a scratch." He said with a chuckle, I tighten my grip on the knife and ran towards him, he dodged the knife and pulled out his wolf claws.

As we started to fight, I hit Cole in his back slashing his skin. But as I was distracted, the damn mutt used his claws and slashed my face. As this went on for hours, me and the mutt were all bloody, the only thing that stopped us from fighting is a man came into the room and said "they sent a video." That was all he had to say to send us both from stop fighting and running up the stairs, when we got to a conference room the video started to play.

Dakota sat in a chair that was covered in blood and so was she, her hair was covering her face as she started to speak "Cole... Leon, I need you both to stay strong, I know what you guys are and all I'm asking from you is to not fight, that's exactly what they want, and what ever you do don't get hurt." Then one of the drug brothers came into view and slapped her so hard that she fell to the ground, then he came up to the camera and said "look I really didn't want to hurt her.....actually that's a lie, but you better hurry, she's tough but she won't last long." After he said that the camera was cut off

Leon's pov
"What do we do now?" As person asked "we find them and we kill them slowly." I said with a growl as I exit the pack house, "where are you going?" Cole asked as he followed me "I'm going to my place and gathering my men, we don't have time for fighting." I said as I got into my car, I rolled down my window and said " I can save her myself, don't even try to help." I said to Cole as I drove out of his driveway and to my warehouse where some of my best friends and men are hiding just in case something like this happen.

" Suit up boys, it time to go to work." I said as I entered the place, "what's the mission boss." Sebastian asked, "Dakota's in trouble and the drug brothers are the ones who started it, but we're gonna finish it." I said as I grabbed my snipers and my two pistols, "hell yeah, finally I've been wanting to rip them apart." Said Tom who hated the brothers to the core."where's the others?" I asked as I headed to my office, with them following Tom said " David is with his girl right now, and Bruce is with William trying to get laid." "Call them in now, we don't have time for that." I said as I entered my code and pulling out my helmet and armor.

》》~~~~~~~an hour later~~~~~《《
"Hey boss, everyone's here!"yelled Tom from downstairs, I came down and saw that everyone was sitting on the couch "we are finally going to take down the drug brothers, the reason why is that they have stolen Dakota and are torturing her as we speak." I said to them, "one question I've been wanting to ask, how come we never met Dakota?" Bruce asked "because before I got shot she didn't talk at all, and the fact she's scared of everyone. And she doesn't know that I'm a mafia leader." I said to them "so she's mute?" William said "Kinda she is decided able muteness." I said to them, "She probably won't talk to you guys in a couple of days or weeks." I said being honest, all of a sudden the door to the warehouse is knocked on

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