Chapter 15: what happen

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Dakota's pov
I sat in the bloody chair for I don't know how long, I couldn't breathe regular since then. The fact that this guy beats me every day and I waist all my energy on not screaming out.

I woke up from the metal door opening. In came the same guy that's been beating me for I don't how long. "Today I get to have some fun with you, let's just say I heard you have decided able muteness, we'll let's change that." He said with a laugh as he pulled out a huge switchblade, I started to thrash around in my chair trying to get loose, but it was too late the guy was next to me hold my head back as he sliced my throat slowly, he slices my throat just enough not to kill me but to mute me until death.

Leon pov
It has been two weeks since we had the plan to save her, but fucking Cole came along and said we need to wait. As I stepped out of my office to see Cole and his men in the conference room and my men in the living room talking, "what's going on?" I asked as I looked at them all for an answer "Cole said he had to plan some stuff and kicked us out of the room." Sebastian said as he rolled his eyes "everyone in my office now." I said sternly as everyone piled into my office, I closed 5hen door and began to talk "Today we are going to kill the drug brothers and rescue Kota without Cole. Now pack up." I said as they all ran out and started to grab armor and their guns.
"Please be okay Dakota." I whispered to myself as I entered where Cole was "hey we need to do something real quick." I said to him before going outside and into my truck with the others already in there "let's go get her." I said as I drove off.

Dakota's pov
"Now your officially mute, you should be happy because this was my first time doing this and I didn't kill. I know I'm happy but if you did die my brother would be mad but me I would just think of you as a useless human." He said with a laugh as he exited the room, I let out a scream which couldn't come out and the blood from my neck came out more.

I let tears fall as sat there knowing that I might die. Then the sound of gunshots fired outside of the door, I closed my eyes when I heard the door open slowly "Dakota, is that you?" I looked up to see Leon holding two hand guns and standing by the door. He ran up to me and untied the ropes around my wrist, he pulled me into a hug as he said "I thought you were dead." Then he started to inspect me for anything that would risk me from dying, but he stopped when he saw my neck. "What happen." He asked, I sighed to him 'I'll tell you later.' He nodded and picked me up bridal style.

As he took me out of the room I saw the guy that cut my throat laying on the ground with a bullet in his head. I closed my eyes and buried my face into Leon's chest, my whole body hurt with pain it felt like I was on fire especially my throat. I moaned from the pain which only caused more pain. "Don't worry we're going to get you to a hospital, just go to sleep now." Leon said as he kept walking.

I woke up in a hospital bed with Oreo taking up my whole bed, I tried speaking but nothing came out, I tried once again to only fail. I started to cry knowing that all of that wasn't a horrible nightmare but reality, Oreo laid his head on me. Me and Oreo laid in the bed, until Cole, and Leon came rushing into the room, a doctor followed behind but at walking rate. Leon hugged me which caused Cole to growl lowly, "you scared the shit out of me Dakota, I thought we lost you." He said as he kissed my forehead, Cole pulled Leon off of me and pulled me into his embrace "I missed you so much." He whispered into my ear, I smiled as he let go of our hug and they both stood there as the doctor started to tell me what I was in here for "Dakota the cause to your throat made you go mute Which means that your voice box is no use since there was most of the damage is there, we could do surgery but it's a 20% chance that it will actually help your throat, and most patients don't survive through it." The doctor

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