Chapter 17: the end?

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Dakota's pov

I was surprised when two of Leon's friends hugged me, and let me tell you these guys are huge and I thought Leon was the only guy that I knew that wasn't a werewolf and buff.

' I'm glad to meet you guys, I thought that I was Leon's only friend and that worried me.' I sighed with a smile, Leon chuckled as he translated what I said, "She sighed, she's glad to meet you guys and thought that she was my only friend and was getting worried about me." He said with a huge smile, I smiled back and mouth 'sorry'

I felt happy as we all just sat there and talked, and Cole came in smiling at me as she sat next to me on the bed. I got the notebook and pencil that was laying on the desk next to me and wrote ' so, are you and Leon getting along now?' I wrote down as I handed the note book to him, he chuckled as he said "we're getting there." I smiled as I looked around. 'This is where I belong, even if its dangerous. Is this the end of my story?... no this is just the start of it. the worst hasn't even begun.

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