Chapter 2: the new girl

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Cole's pov

I was in my bed with another girl that I don't know her name, 'why is she still here?' I thought, rolling the other side. Then my door slammed open, letting me know my sister just walked in "come on we're going to be late for school, and we already skipped yesterday." She said going into my walk-in closet and throwing clothes at me to get dress in. I rolled to the other side to see that the was getting up and leaving 'thank god, she was horrible in bed anyways' I thought. My sister signed "I feel bad for your mate." She said as she walked out of my room. I rolled my eyes and said " who cares."

I got dress in the clothes my sister gave me and walked out of my room. I went downstairs to see my mom making pancakes and Bacon, I grabbed 1 pancake and four pieces of Bacon "Nicki is waiting in the car you better hurry." My mom said as I stuffed all the food in my mouth and kissed my mother goodbye. I got into my baby, she was a red charger mustang and I got her on my 15th birthday.

I got into my baby to see nicki sitting in the passager seat, looking worried to be late. "Hey, we'll be on time. We're werewolves, we're made to go fast." As I said that, I stomped on the gas pedal. Making my tires screech and the car flying through the streets.

We got to school in record time with five minute's to spare until the warning bell rings, "oh God, we're going to be late!!" Nicki said as she ran out of the car and to the school, let's just say my sister is poplar but is really smart when it comes to school. I am the player of the school, because I'm the future alpha of my pack when my father steps down. So that makes girls be all over me, and want me to be their mate.

I sighed and got out of my baby. I entered the school with hundreds of smells hitting my nose, but their was one that stood out, the scent smelled of sweet Strawberry and apples. I followed the scent as if I was a hound dog. As the scent got stronger, I was inturpted by my best friend and future beta came up to me and asked "hey man, are you going to the game tonight?" "Yeah, hey do you smell something new here?" I asked him, dying to know what the smell is. "Oh yeah, that's the new girl. She came here yesterday while you were out. She's in our first period." He said to me with a smile "and let me just tell you she doesn't talk, I got a buddy that went to her old school and he told me she was mute." 'Mute huh that's new' I thought as we went to first period.

When we entered the classroom the smell was filling the room, it made me purred as I looked around the room to find the owner of the scent. Then I saw the most gorgeous person in the world, my wolf was going crazy yelling at me 'go to her!! Mate!!mate!!'

My beautiful mate was in the back of the class with her head down as she reading a book, she had a huge hoodie. I read the hoodie. My wolf said 'our mate likes to read.' 'Yeah, we have to remember that.' I said to him. I walked over to my friends who were behind my mate, as I sat down my beta kegan said "that's the new mute girl, she's hot isn't she?" I growled as he said the last part " she's my mate." I said though the mind-link with kegan "dude you have to talk to her, invite to got to our table. No one has talk to her yet. You should be the first." Said kegan through the link. I smiled at the thought of her sitting by my side at lunch.

After out teacher gave us free time, I went up to my mate and sat right next to her, she took her eyes off her book and looked at me. Her eyes were a beautiful brown with red specks on the rim of her eyes. I smiled at her and said "hi I'm cole, and your name is?" She put down her book and pulled out a sticky note and a pen as she wrote something. She handed it to me and went back to her book, I read the note and it said " my name is Dakota, now can you please leave me along?" "Just one more question, do you want to eat lunch with me and my friends at our table?" I asked her, she looked at me and then shook her head 'no' "why not?" I asked, she wrote down 'I don't want to.' After she wrote that she went back to her book.

I went back to where my friends are and sat down, "so is she going to join lunch with us?" Kegan asked "no, she doesn't want to." I said as I put my head down.

When it was lunch time, watched sadly as she exit the lunch room 'where is she going?' I thought, I stood up and exit the same door she did. I saw her go into the library with her lunch, I followed her into the library found her sitting at one of the tables alone on her phone, she had a smile as she read something on it.

I headed over to the table and sat down next to her, and saw that she was reading a text off her phone. She replied to the text saying 'I miss you too, have fun.' "Who are you texting?" I asked as I looked at her face, she turned off her phone and started to read her book. "Are you ignoring me?" I said with a smile as she pushed her book further into her face.

Even though Dakota didn't talk or even look my way it was nice sitting next to her. It turns out that Dakota and me had all of our classes together, but as usual she didn't even look my way.

After school, I found Dakota walking. As me and nicki got into the car, I slowed down as we got close to Dakota, I rolled down my window and said "do you want a ride? We could drop you off, if you want." She shook he head no as she kept walking "look I'm gonna keep following you until you get into the car." I said to her. Dakota looked at me like I was crazy, then she made a sign and went to the passenger side of the car. She got in as Nicki sat in the back "so where do you live?" I asked her, she scribbled her address down and gave it to me. I smiled as it was a block away from my house.

We made it to her house, and it looked like no one was home "do you live by yourself ?" I asked as I looked at her house one more time, she whole her head no once again and opened the car door, then nicki said "hey! Can we go inside, I have to pee!!" Dakota nodded and went to her front door as we got out of the car, as she opened the door a dog the size of a hound dog attacked Dakota with kisses as she bent down and picked the dog up.

For the first time since I met Dakota, she made a sound as her dog loved on her. She stifled a laugh, I looked at Nicki shocked and the same expression was on her as she looked at me. Dakota went to the living room, as me and nicki followed behind her. Dakota pointed to nicki then pointed to a hallway and held up 3 finger signaling that the bathroom was down the hall and the third door.

As nicki nodded and headed to the bathroom, me and dakota stood in akward silence "so is that your dog?" I asked as she held the dog as if it was her child, she nodded and looked at her with a breath taking smile, 'god we haven't known her that long and we're already in love with her.' My wolf said with a purr, i ignored my wolf knowing he was right and asked her "what kind of dog is the little guy?" She wrote on my hand saying 'great dane, four mothes old.' "Wow he's big for a four mothe old." I said with a smile.

After i said that nicki came back from the bathroom and was ready to go, before we left i said to dakota "hey, here's my number, just text me when you have the time." I said with a smile.

When it was night time, i waited to hear my phone to vibrate and it be my mate, but it never did. That night i fell asleep with dakota on my mind.

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