Chapter 16

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'Can you give me and Leon a minute.' I sighed knowing that Leon will translate for me, "She asked if you guys can give us a minute." He said with confusion on his face, the doctor nodded and Cole just sighed as he kissed me on the head, closing the door as he walked out.

"What's wrong kota?" He asked looking at me worriedly, 'what happen, how did you guys find me?' I sighed as I tried to remember how I got here.

Leon's pov
(before he reused Dakota.)
We stopped in front of the mansion and pulled out our guns with silencers on them so we could take out one by one.

As we entered the building I gave my men the signal to check upstairs as I go downstairs, as I went down to the basement there was two guys guarding the stairs, as I hide behind one of them I pointed my gun at the other guy and fired the silencer hitting the guy in the head, the guy I was standing behind was shocked but before he could turn around I snapped his neck easily.

'For wolves, they aren't hard to break.' I thought as I ran down the dark hall where I saw one of the drug brothers closing a door, I held up my gun aiming it at his head and when he turned around, I fired the gun. The bullet hit him right in his head, I opened the door to see kota sitting in a chair with blood all over her. I came closer to her to see most of the blood around her neck, "Cole come down to the basement, I found Dakota. She's conscious and injured all over." I said into my walkie-talkie as I untied kota from the chair, "what happened?" I asked bending to her eye level 'I'll tell you later.' She sighed to me, I picked her up bridal style knowing she'll explain later.

I started to run out of the house as Dakota placed her head in my chest and moaned in pain, "don't worry, we're going to get to the hospital. Just fall asleep." I said to her as I rushed out of the house. When I was outside of the house, Cole came running up taking Dakota from my arms and into a van. "Cole, I'm glad you came. She'll need you." I said with a small nodded as he nodded back and got in to the van.

"Men group up." I said sternly, as they were circled around me. "Alright men, we have completed our mission and Bruce, tom, Sebastian, and David you will come with me."

Present time

"I'll tell you later how you got here, but I want you to meet a couple of my friends." I said with a smile, kota smiled back and sighed 'I always wanted to meet your friends.' I went over to the door where my team stood "come on she wants to meet you guys." I said with a smile, Bruce and David came running into the room as Sebastian and William walked in slowly.

"Okay, Dakota this is William, David, Bruce, and Sebastian." I said pointing to each one "guys this is Dakota." I said, kota smiled and waved to them as Bruce and David came up to her and hugged her and saying "we've dying to meet you, we heard so much."

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