Chapter 3: bonfire

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Dakota's pov

Okay its official, I have a stalker. A dude I met yesterday Named Cole would not leave me alone, it was like he wouldn't give up. And then when he dropped me off at my house he gave me his number. I didn't text  him, because I heard that he slept with most of the girls at the school and all he wants from me is to get into my pants.

Since it was a Saturday, I took Oreo on a walk. As me and Oreo walked around our new block, I notice a familiar car slowly pull up to us. The window rolled down showing Cole's face, I rolled my eyes 'can't this guy just leave me along.' I thought as I kept walking, "hey Dakota, why didn't you text me last night?" He asked as he got out of his car, I wrote on his hand 'I had no reason to text to you.' "Well anyways, theirs this bonfire tonight and since your new here, maybe you would like to hear the legends of this town." He said with a smile 'I don't do good in crowds.' I wrote on his hand " come on, there won't be that many people just some of my friend and my sister's friends and our family, come on everyone has to go, Its fun." he said 'can I bring Oreo?' I wrote down "who's Oreo?" He asked, I pointed to Oreo and he said "oh your dog, yeah he can come, so I'll pick you up at 8." Before I could reply he was already down the street 'he is really stalking me, isn't he?' I thought to myself as ma and Oreo  headed back to the house.

When it was 8 o'clock, me and Oreo was ready and waiting. I wore shorts and a tank top since it was really warm outside. While we were waiting me and Oreo was finishing a movie called me earl, and the dying girl. It was a good movie, the ending was super sad though. I was crying when the credits came on the screen. Then there was a ring at the door. I open the door to see Cole standing there with a smile. But it faded away as he saw my face "what's wrong, did someone hurt you?" He asked as he looked around the room, I wiped away my tears and pointed to the t.v that was now off. "Where you watching a sad movie?" he asked I nodded my head and then went to get Oreo.

When we were in the car, there was silence between the two of us. We finally got to the bonfire which was on a beach. I got out of the car and let Oreo down. He doesn't need a Leach because I trained him to follow me when ever I walk and he's a puppy so if he doesn't listen then I can always scoop him up and put him in the car or carry him around.

I followed Cole as walked closer to the party, there was a lot of people and I felt like I was getting suffocated, I  looked down at Oreo, who was trying his best not to get stepped on as he followed me. I picked up my baby and started to get out of the crowd, when I was out of the swarm of people, I could feel my anxiety stop and I could actually breathe.

I looked at Oreo to see that he was looking at me worried "I think we should leave." I thought as I picked Oreo up and started to walk home, "hey, where are you going?" Cole asked me, I pulled out my pen and wrote 'this was a bad idea, I'm going home.' "Well if you are let me drive you home." He said, i signed and went over to his car, I got inside and he followed.

"Do you want to go to my house, I got tons of movies and it would be fun. If you are uncountable with that, my sister can come over with us and maybe her best friend." Cole said while he was driving 'a movie does sound good right now' I thought, then I nodded my head letting him know that I did want to watch a movie, 'you sister and her friends have to be there though.' I wrote on his hand. "Okay then." He said with a huge grin on his face.

When we got to his house, let me just tell you it was huge. We got into the house to see two girls sitting on the couch, one I remember was the one I met in Cole's car. "Hi Dakota, ready to watch some movies?" Choles sister asked, I nodded my head with a smile. It turned out that we just watched Disney movies all night, we all sat on the couch and I was on the end of the couch, Nikki and her friend Jess was in the middle and Cole was on the other end, and Oreo was on my lap asleep.

As we started to watch beauty and the beast, I wrote on Nikki's hand 'I love this movie.' She smiles and said "Me too." When we were in the middle of the movie, I felt myself fall asleep and cuddle up to Oreo, like I do every night. I fell asleep with my baby by my side.

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