chapter 10

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Cole's pov
Dakota locked herself in her bedroom all night, now it's morning and I'm getting worried. Leon stayed at her door step all night last night, he has a connection that I don't have with her and I can't stop that, so I guess I have to get use to him.

I went upstairs to see Leon awake and still at the door "has she open up yet?" I asked him as I sat down across from him "no, not yet. She did this before, don't worry." He said calmly "I'm sorry for what I did yesterday, I was not myself that day. Its just- Dakota seems so close to you and I guess I was jealous." I said to him truthfully "you like her, don't you?" He asked me with a smile, I shook my head yeah "well if you want to be her friend, you have to hear her story from only her." Leon said to me.

After an hour, Dakota opened the door. We both stood up, then Leon took his hands out and said "wrist." Kota rolled her eyes and put her wrist on Leon hands as he looked at her wrist 'it was only once.' She mouthed to Leon "still, you might do it again." He said to her as we all went downstairs.

Dakota's pov
I heard Leon talk to Cole outside my door, "you like her don't you?" I heard from Leon, I stopped listening and went to my closet and got on one of Leon's shirt. I opened the door to see them both there "wrist." Was the first thing Leon asked me, I rolled my eyes and gave him my wrist as he checked them, I remember the memory of me cutting my wrist once. The one who found me was Leon, he found me on the ground in my bathroom. That was a horrible day for the both of us, but that was five years ago and it only happens once.

After he checked my wrist we went downstairs and into the kitchen "what do you want to eat?" Leon asked me as I sat on the island with my legs crossed, I pointed to the fruit loops that sat on the fridge. "Of course, I should have known." He said with a smile.

After I ate my fruit loops and Leon had an apple, and Cole had a pear we all went out to the mall. When we got into the mall, the first thing I did was grab Cole and Leon's hand and ran into rue 21. When we got into the store, I grabbed shirts that would fit Leon and Cole. I gave them the shirts and pushed them into the fitting room. After they tried on all the shirts and I tried on a couple of outfits we went to another store.

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